" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 16, 2019

The Blackbird of Chernobyl?

I had never heard of 'The Blackbird of Chernobyl' until reading this news story on an Australian news website last night - 
The frightening supernatural story of the Black Bird of Chernobyl
The story only grabbed my attention because I had just written a post featuring the above current Instagrams of Jake Kotze's with his "blackbird" angel/eagle and the Toronto Raptors NBA title win right before the POTUS's birthday of June 14th -
The Golden Boy Building in the Middle of Canada?
Jake Kotze looking like a bat/moth/man/raptor?-)
Interesting screenshot hey Jake?-)
"The Blackbird of Chernobyl is an internet legend about a creature allegedly seen in Ukraine around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the weeks leading up to the Chernobyl Disaster on April 26th 1986.
Its description is very similar to the famous Mothman creature.
The creature was allegedly humanoid in appearance and can be presumed to have been black or dark gray in coloration.
It was claimed to also possess wings and
glowing red eyes.
The Blackbird
was supposedly sighted by several workers before they died.
The story states that
the Black Bird served as an omen of doom, warning the workers of the lethal radiation within the plant."
Starring John C. Reilly
42 Minutes Podcast 11.08.11 Episode 4: Kevin Halcott & Tommy Fulks/Art or Science
I listened to that old '42 Minutes Podcast' with Kevin HALcott and Tommy Fulks the other day and wondered what they (well, at least Kevin was doing, as I never really knew much about Tommy) were doing now, as far as "sync" goes, but Kev's last blog post at his blog was in 2016 -
The OA, Westworld and Apprehending the Archetype of the Invisible
Amazingly the “Westworld” Church Survived the Fire?
And Tommy seems to have thrown the "sync" towel in a long time ago when life gave him lemons to squeeze, it seems -
With me being a fan of John Lennon, it wasn't lost on me that Tommy's last post at his old 'Kozmikon' blog was posted on December 8th, 2012, the anniversary of the day
John was shot to death by a crazy guy who saw signs and made the wrong connections to them.
Although it looks like Tommy started a knew blog called 'Abyssal Subdivisions' and got lost in the maze of his mind ending the blog with a rather bleak post in 2013 titled 'No Direction'.
Such is synchronicity.
Sometimes it's a maze and sometimes it's a labyrinth.
And such is life, as well.
But with life, nobody makes it out alive ... in the body you are living in now, that is.
Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly
42 Minutes Podcast 06.12.12 Episode 36: David Plate (MK Ultrasound) & Tommy Fulks/Always Record Crossover

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  1. "One theory suggests that the black bird is just a black stork, an endangered species. The black stork is near 3 feet tall and has a wingspan of almost 6 feet. That doesn’t explain the phone calls or the nightmares. Also, we have the description given by the majority of eyewitnesses who actually saw the Black Bird. That description is doesn’t match the physical appearance of the Black Stork."
    Your opinion on this theory?

    Source: black bird of Chernobyl

    source: black bird of Chernobyl