" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2019

Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 2)

Being a bit dyslexic I nearly thought the poster read "Found God";-) 
Walking down the main street of Bangalow, NSW
This post is a continuation of my recent post -
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 1)
Sun setting over Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia
After leaving the Byron Bay Brewery and having watched the movie 'Celeste' at the Pig-house Flicks cinema I had a few hours to spare before seeing 'PGS: The Movie' at the Byron Community Centre, so I headed up the road to the town of Bangalow to have a walk around and see what's been happening up there since my last visit.
A mural of Bangalow in a small park near the Post Office
I sat down on a park bench in a little park off the main street admiring the above mural of life in and around the town of Bangalow then headed for a walk up a side street to the showground.
As I got up to the showground entrance I noticed some activity going on in the hall, so wandered over for a closer look.
There was an electrician putting up a grid of lights with a mirrored disco ball in the centre of the grid and I soon found out after reading the notice board that it was for a play that was starting in a few weeks' time called 'Dreamland'
I'd always wanted to see something in this hall and this play felt like the perfect opportunity, and it had a weird sense of destiny about it to me.
But those dates on the poster just didn't fit into my schedule for another long drive down this way with all of the things I had planned to do back in Brisbane that fortnight.
About a week later when I was back in Brisbane, I did try to get a ticket for any of the last two nights of the play only to find the tickets had sold out.
But luckily for me the play was extended for another week, and I did get to see it, as I wrote about in this recent post -
What Will Children's Day Look Like in 2040?
My night in Dreamland in May 31st, 2019
Indra's net?
When I came back to Bangalow for
Dreamland' on May 31st, 2019
So, it looks like that gut feeling (PGS?-) of mine was right in hindsight.
As I was heading back to my car I saw a blackboard out the front of a house advertising Spanish lessons.
I've always felt I should learn Spanish, not because I want to go to Spain, but I might go to South America one day.
Plus, there is always Spanish visitors attending events down this way, so it would be good not to be such a Gringo and learn some Spanish lingo, I guess.
Just another gut feeling I have.
As I'm walking past a local business I'm reminded about the annual billy-cart race day the town puts on every year.
I love watching these races and just spending time having a lazy day and eating the good food the town offers, but like the last few years I won't be able to make it down here for the 2019 race day.
And as I head back into the carpark to get into my motorized billy-cart to drive back to Byron, I spot something lurking around my car.
 Another bush turkey:-)
It might be time to change my totem animal from a crow to a bush turkey instead;-)
Flying Foxes in Byron diving the
Dive Centre in the centre of town:-)
Although, as I park my car in the street back in Byron Bay, I find the bush turkeys sparse compared to all of the flying foxes threatening to drop me a message from the sky and onto my car's paintwork.
I wonder if these flying foxes were using their PGS?-)
My PGS was telling me that leaving my car parked in the flight path of these bats could end up putting me in a messy situation, so I moved it and found a spot right out front of the community centre, which turned out to be a great insight, because after the movie it was pouring with rain outside and I would have got soaked walking back to where I would have parked the car if I hadn't of moved it prior.
It was a great night and day all round and I got to have a long chat to Bill Bennett before the movie started and I bought a book off Bill about the subjects covered in the movie.
It was great hearing Matt Omo play the crystal bowls and gong, too.
Matt Omo playing crystal bowls and the gong
Guy Lawrence at the 'PGS: The Movie' screening
I even had a chat with Guy Lawrence from the 'Guy Lawrence Podcast' ... although not in podcast format thank heavens.
While I like listening to podcasts, I have no ambition to be interviewed on one.
So, I'm glad that I followed my PiGS on the day and not my bush turkeys;-)

UPDATE: 2019

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