" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 10, 2019

Synchronous SPOT Reading?

& 2 is 4?
Page 42 of 'The Sync Book'?
I was reading Stefan Jablonski's chapter in 'The Sync Book' #1 last night and found it a very good read.
I don't recall ever reading it when I first purchased the book, so I must have skipped his chapter thinking that if this guy was any good at synchromysticism and was from my part of the world (Australia) I surely would have heard of him.
But then again, how many people have heard of me?-)
I found it ironic reading Stefan writing about the eight-pointed star and its associations with Queen Elizabeth and England, as today (June 10th) most Australian states are celebrating a public holiday for the "Queens Birthday", except my state of Queensland ironically enough.
We celebrate Her birthday in October, even though Queen Elizabeth was actually born in April.
Hugh Jackman (AC)
"This year the actor has been honoured with a Companion of the Order, which is the highest of four levels of the Order of Australia.
The 50-year-old is currently on a world tour, but said in a statement he was moved and proud to be a recipient of the award.

He has been recognised for eminent service to the performing arts as an acclaimed actor and performer, and to the global community, particularly as an advocate for poverty eradication.
Jackman said: "As the youngest son of parents who made the decision to immigrate to Australia the year before I was born, this honour is especially emotional and humbling to me.

"The countless teachers, mentors, institutions who have supported me along the way are immeasurable, and I will always be in my country's debt.""
Hugh's birthday is really in the month of October though, as is Crowley's.
Hugh Jackman: The Boy from Oz?
In Australia we have a seven-pointed star on the flag as the Commonwealth star and as the Federation star.
Ryan Peverly, Occulture and the Seven-pointed Star on the Infinite Path?
I find it interesting how Stefan writes that he was interested in UFOs when growing up in Tasmania and was born on Guy Fawkes Night in 1976, which is exactly one year to the day of Travis Walton's alleged UFO abduction.
Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002)
Ring of fire?
The movie discussed in the podcast, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road, written and directed by BTTF's Bob Gale is about a guy who gets a Magic8Ball for his birthday.
Interestingly when pulled out of the birthday bag we, the audience, see the
8 on its side like the infinity symbol, while the star of the movie sees it as an eight from his point of view.

On the other side of the 8 is a "black hole" where the answers seem to come out of the "void"
Is that an 8 coming out of the void on my wall?-)
42 Minutes Podcast: Stefan in the [Alan] Green Room
Jake Kotze on the Winnipeg 8 pointed star 
42 Minutes Podcast 11.06.12 Episode 56: Stefan Jablonski/Return To Oz
According to Tasmanian Gordon White, who is doing a ceremony over in South America right now, there is no place like home according to this museum over the rainbow in Gordon's Twitter feed above.

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