" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 3, 2019

237 and the Secret Savage Garden?

Right from when I purchased Wayne Dyer's book
'I Can See Clearly Now' the number 237 was getting my attention in those WTF(?) ways.
I first noticed the number when the total for my book purchase came to $23.70.
A total of $23.70 for Wayne's book?!
I then noticed the number again when I was going into my back garden to read the book and decided to check the weather forecast for the day to see if the sun was going to still be shining for the next few hours and then saw that the current temperature was 23.7 degrees.
I took a screen shot on the day as I remembered paying $23.70 for the book and realized that I needed to pay attention to number 237 while reading this book.
I Can See Clearly Now That Life is a Journey, Not a Destination?
I Can See Clearly Now That Wayne Has Gone?
Page 237 of 'I Can See Clearly Now'
Page 238 of 'I Can See Clearly Now'
is the start of Chapter 42
When I flipped 'I Can See Clearly Now' to page 237 before heading out to my garden to start reading the book I found it to be the end of chapter 41 and printed on the back page of the start of chapter 42, which started on page 238.
And according to that guy in the '42' video above if you could fold a piece of paper in half 42 times it would reach from the earth to the moon.

And according to Jay Weidner in the movie 'Room 237', back in the days of the Apollo missions it was thought to be 237, 000 miles to the moon, but with more accurate laser measuring in the years since that figure was revised to 238, 000 miles.
As I was out in my back garden reading Wayne's chapter 3 in the book he writes about one of his favourite childhood books being
'The Secret Garden'.
I had never read the book before, but now with all the 237s and the mention of the secret garden I was thinking of the song by a local band named 'Savage Garden' and their hit song
'To The Moon and Back'.
Later when I looked the band's details on Wikipedia I was surprised to see they had ended the band in the year 2001, the same year the Twin Towers were destroyed and the year Douglas Adams author of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' passed away on May 11, the day after Wayne Dyer's birthday of May 10th.
"The band's two studio albums, Savage Garden and Affirmation, reached No. 1 in Australia and peaked in the top ten in both the United Kingdom and United States.
Their two studio albums have sold 23 million copies worldwide.
The group won a record number of ten ARIA Music Awards in 1997 for their debut album and its related singles.
They disbanded in the end of 2001."
Savage Garden disbanded in 2001?!
I ended up watching an uploaded mirror reversed copy of the Hallamark version of 'The Secret Garden' and didn't mind the shamanic themes in the story.
Especially how the boy had befriend a crow and some other animals.
I've got three crows that visit me regularly in my back garden.
But I found a 1993 version of the movie currently playing on Netflix, which I liked better.
I see that Kate Maberly who played the little girl named Mary in the 1993 movie is set to direct a movie about a savage garden based on a best selling novel titled 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth', where the main character is named Mary, too.
And on the subject of gardens and the number 237, I wrote about my adventures at the beginning of May while having a beer and reading a local free magazine in this post, which I'm yet to write a part 2 to, I just remembered -
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 1)
'Byron Bazaar' Issue #237?!
There was a quiz on page 2 asking which famous explorer died in the Hawaiian Islands, which of course was the man credited to have discovered Australia, Captain James Cook.
Wayne Dyer also passed away in Hawaii, which was where he was living at the time.
The magazine said the answers to the quiz were on page 13, but they were really on page 12.
The weird thing was that instead of the answers to the quiz being on page 13 there was a program for the Months of April and May including the movie I had actually bought a ticket for weeks before with the seat number B13, which I had picked off the available seats for sale at the time.
I actually chose the seat number 13 because my father passed away on the 13th and I was surprised to find the answers were on page 12 under an advert for crystal skulls -
Crystal Head Vodka, Father's Day and Death
And ironically my father's ashes were dug into the soil around his favourite tree that he planted back at the old family home which was at #12 on the street.
We don't own the house any more, so you could say that there's a secret in that garden that the current owner's are probably unaware of:-)
My father's ashes were scattered under this tree in 2016
Life certainly is bazaar, wouldn't you say?-)
And a shamanic journey for those who have eyes to see too, maybe?

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