" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 1, 2019

Three-Part Harmony?

I watched the above video this morning after writing this post -
The Big Director in the Sky ... or ... There's Something About the Movies?
What about "Call when 3 in line"?
And I had to laugh when this guy points out the 3s in
'The Big Lebowski', because number 3 is my ex-wife's favourite number.
I have a set of 10 Keno numbers that I play if I go out to a bar from time to time and number 3 was one of those numbers until I got divorced and replaced that number with 37, because of 3 being my ex's favourite number.
My vegetable omelette on table #
Last night when I dined at a Chinese restaurant by myself I was given a choice of two tables, one near the window and one by the wall.
I chose the table by the wall and sat down only realizing then that it was table #3.
I could see the irony of dining alone at a table carrying my ex's favourite number, but brushed the thought aside thinking that 3 is a common number anyway.
Next minute a pair of young girls waiting for some take away asked if they could use the bathroom (as Americans would say) and the waitress opened a green door in the wall near my table and told them the toilet was just outside and around the corner.
And what number should be on the outside of that green door?
Number 3.
I was reading my paper place-mat before my meal came.
I'm a Dragon and the advice was to marry a monkey or a rat.
My ex-wife drove me bananas and she seemed like a rat to me by the time she left, but the place-mat said she was a rooster.
I had a chuckle when I saw that, because in my book my ex is the exact opposite of a cock;-)
I found it funny in hindsight that the place-mat advised me that Dragon suitable jobs were being an architect [boring], economist [boring] or an actor [no thanks] and the couple sitting next to me that I was talking to at the hall after having my Chinese meal asked me if I was an actor:-)   
I was almost going to say, "no, just a shit blogger at the moment", but I thought they might ask me the name of my blog, so I just said no to the actor question.
I also watched this movie below from the same dude who made the #3 video above and thought how do you make the final step through a shattered heart?
Not worth the risk cutting your feet on the pieces I say. 
And I have a heart time working out some of the logic in this clip below, even though some points made are interesting.
I did find it amusing that the dude in the clip above mentions
Leon Vitali playing Red Cloak in 'Eyes Wide Shut' as I put some money into funding one of Rodney Ascher's productions starring 
Leon Vitali -
Rodney Ascher: Nightmares, Dreamscapes and a Glitch in the Matrix?
And no, it wasn't 'Room 237':-)
After watching that video above maybe I should have had a sweet & sour dish instead of the vegetable omelette?-)
Ironically the play I saw by myself last night was called 'Dreamland':-)
After a good night sleep I woke up this morning thinking that the nightmares are just beginning for all of the dreamers on this planet, including me -
What Will Children's Day Look Like in 2040?
My place-mat also advised Dragons to stay away from Dogs ... so lucky I'm a cat person I guess:-)
The Broken Shoe of Alan Green ... What a Trip ... and Do Vegans Like Easter Eggs in Their Visions?
Behind the Green door?!
42 Minutes Podcast 05.28.19 Episode 335: Alan Green Creatures Of Habit.
But one is more fun, I think, right Trinity?

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