" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 22, 2019

Is Synchronicity Real?

I stumbled across a video titled 'Is synchronicity real? It is. Here's proof' when I was researching the phenomena of "Machine Elves", all thanks to a Sync Book Chapter and post I had read this morning of Alan Green's -
Olympia Sync Summit
42 Minutes Podcast 05.28.19 Episode 335: Alan Green Creatures Of Habit
"Upon the first anniversary of Alan Green's magnum opus sync film, Vision & The Voice, he and Doug do a little on-air shadow work.
Topics: Vision & The Voice, Time, Past, Artifact, Prescient, Psychedelic Roller Coaster, Sync Book Radio, Art, Sync Community, Sync Quick News, Easter, Broken Shoe, Fractal Mapping, New Cycle, Balance, Sync Book Radio Movie Labs, McLuhan, Sync Pimp, Sync Storm, Swampy, Shadow Work."

Alan had a You Tube titled 'Save the Machine Elves!' in his last post written at his blog 'Look at All the Happy Creatures', which was about raising money for the 2014 Olympia Sync Summit.
In hindsight knowing that Alan did raise that money and that the Summit was a success, I wondered did Alan save the elves, or did the elves save him?
This sent me on a quest to find out just what these "machine elves" are.
I've never done a DMT trip in my life, but Dennis McKenna (Terry's brother) once told me as part of an audience that our bodies are full of the stuff.
"Origins of Consciousness Tour" - Brisbane
"Machine elves (also known as fractal elves, self-transforming elf machines or "Jenny") is a term coined by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT"
In my internet search for "machine elves" I stumbled across a You Tuber I had never heard of before, but I was so fascinated by the You Tube he had posted about what he thought "machine elves" were that I headed over to see what other videos he had made.
He seems to narrate his videos as a giant vaginal opening in space. or maybe the source of the matrix (the matrix comes from the etymology of the word mother I'm told ... but don't quote me quoting someone else, find out for yourself if you can).
He seems to have a fascination somewhat like I do for a three-digit number that keeps popping up in our lives.
Mine is 424, his is 434.
434 is a number I must say that I hardly ever notice in my life, and until I watched his video this morning it was not a number I've ever given any thought to.
I did notice that Alan's 'Save the Elves' video had 464 views when I watched it, which to me on a personal level is somewhat significant, as I was born in '64 and am just reading and trying to study the I Ching, and 64 is a significant number in the study of the I Ching.  
Another thing I noticed was that Alan Green posted that elves video on April 25th, which being an Australian I can't help but think of ANZAC Day being held every year on April 25th, a day Australians and New Zealanders remember the dead and fallen in all wars fought for their countries.
ANZAC Day is a public holiday and
front-page news
most years in Australia
Artifical poppies are sold on and in the days leading up to ANZAC Day.
"In China, P. rhoeas is known as yumeiren (θ™žηΎŽδΊΊ, meaning "Yu the Beauty"), after Consort Yu, the concubine of the warlord Xiang Yu. In 202 BC, when they were besieged in the Battle of Gaixia by the force of Liu Bang (founder of the Han Dynasty), Consort Yu committed suicide; according to folklore, poppies grew out of the ground where Consort Yu fell, and P. rhoeas thus became a symbol of loyalty unto death.
In 2010 P. rhoeas was the centre of a diplomatic row between China and the United Kingdom; during an official visit to China, the British Prime Minister David Cameron and his entourage rejected the demand from the Chinese government to not wear the Remembrance poppy, which was mistaken as the opium poppy, a plant with enduring connotations of the Opium Wars in China ."

Well, I guess life can be one strange and confusing trip at times, but there is no place like home I say;-)
For now, anyway:-)

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