" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2019

Why Science Is Wrong, Dr. Patricia Churchland and 20 Years of Eyes Wide Shut?

Turns 20 on July 16th, 2019
Turns 76 on July 16th, 2019
Turns 50 on July 16th, 2019
Synchomysticism is a bit like synchronicity in that it is about finding meaningful coincidences in life and modern pop-culture.
I couldn't help grinning like a Cheshire cat when listening to Doug, Will and Alex talk about the number 237 and recalling the 'Skeptiko' episode with Dr. Patricia Churchland, which was #237 
Skeptiko Podcast #237 Dr. Patricia Churchland Sandbagged by Near-Death Experience Questions
and how Dr. Churchland hung up on Alex quite early in that episode.
42 Minutes Podcast 12.16.14 Episode 163: Alex Tsakiris
Born on 4/22/37
And Stanley Kubrick who has been dead for 20 years in 2019 and who made the film 'Eyes Wide Shut', which turns 20 on July 16th, the same day Dr. Patricia Churchland turns 76 and the same day that 50 years before Apollo 11 blasted off to the moon, also shares a birthday on July 26th with Carl Jung (the guy who coined the word "synchronicity").
A materialist named Churchland who was born a Smith? 
'The Matrix' turned 20 in 2019 also:-)
42 Minutes Podcast 02.05.13 Episode 70: Rupert Sheldrake: Synchronicity And Morphic Resonance

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