" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 20, 2019

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pendulum?

Hmm ... should I use a pendulum? Well?
Pendulum magick?
I was reading about pendulum magick in the book 'Wiccapedia' and I saw the sub-chapter that was titled 'In Pursuit of the Perfect the Pendulum' and I looked at my desktop and saw my 42 gram lead fishing sinker and knew I had found the pendulum with all of the answers to the universe.
I just had to put a bit of string on it and hang it up.
The pendulum doesn't even have to move, as there is a 42 stamped on it, so the ultimate answer is always staring me in the face:-)
I listened to this podcast about working with pendulums to heal, after I had consulted my pendulum (which only gave me the answer of 42 ... what kind of answer is that to my question?) -
And the podcast gave me some good ideas, which I modified for my own use around the home.
I thought I could use a pendulum for meditation, since my wall clock had one hanging from it and I heard the pendulum should move in a clockwise way for healing purposes.
And how more clockwise could you get than using an owl wall clock with a pendulum hanging from it, right?
I sat in my armchair after I had pinned a "yes" and "no" to the wall either side of the clock's pendulum and asked my question, which was "should I stop procrastinating by using a pendulum to make a decision for me?"
A few hours had passed by the time I had snapped out of my trance, although I had no idea that any time had passed at all.
I felt refreshed after my session, although I was still none the wiser for my cosmic inquiry of the owl clock's pendulum.
I guess there is a message in there somewhere for me, although I had a new question for the clock's pendulum now ... why is my butt so sore?-)
WHO knows?
And I thought Ouija boards were dangerous.
Swinging is definitely not for me:-)

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