" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 18, 2019

Being Alive is a Magical and Wondrous Thing?

Justin Gray Morgan
The title of this post is a quote I took from a podcast where I heard Justin Gray Morgan say those words ... and I agree with him, although it can seem like a double edged athame a times:-)
42 Minutes Podcast 01.06.15 Episode 166: Justin Morgan The Secret Teachings - Symbolism
Topics: Manly P Hall, Secret Societies, Masonic Symbolism, Mithras, Eleusinian Mysteries, Truth, Materialism, Gnosticism, Egypt, Persephone, Dionysus, Conspiracy, Orpheus, The Sun.
Justin did the artwork for both of The Sync Books and in the first one he gave most of the 26 chapters a mandala made from points around a circle connected together, so for instance Justin's chapter was chapter 22 and the mandala has 22 points around the circle's circumference.
The first Sync book starts off with a single point on a blank page and then when you turn that page over is a blank circle on the page, but if you hold the page up to the light you can see the dot in the middle of the circle.
Except for the Point, the Still Point, There Would Be No Dance, and There is Only Dance?
The beginning of the chapters in the Sync Book
The empty circle on the other side of the page
Seeing the dot through the page in the light
That circle above is also the mandala for the first author in 'The Sync Book' who just happens to be Sibyl Hunter who was born on April 1st (AKA April Fool's Day).
I wrote a post about Sibyl Hunter in this recent post, and you can find her '42 Minutes' podcast interviews linked in that post -
The chapters and authors in the first
'Sync Book'
and their mandalas
42 Minutes Podcast 12.06.11 Episode 8: Justin Morgan "Awakening at the Center of the Mandala"
42 Minutes Podcast 11.20.12 Episode 58: Justin Gray Morgan/ Unveiling the cover to The Sync Book Vol. 2
Justin Gray Morgan
Justin Gray Morgan on Instagram
From Justin Gray Morgan's Instagram post
I only just read for the first time Justin's chapter in the first Sync Book yesterday and found it a really profound read.
I only read Justin's chapter because I had been listening to him talk in the '42 Minutes' podcasts.
I thought I must have read Justin's chapter before, as I thought I had read the first Sync Book right through, but I'm finding out now that I haven't read a lot of the chapters in the first book.
I must have cherry picked the chapters to read of my favourite sync-heads at the time when I bought the book and not read the rest.
This morning when I was going through Justin's Instagram photos to see what he has been up to recently, I was stunned by the shot he had taken of the Bali god/demon/whatever (see photos above and below), as I have a similar mask from Bali hanging on my wall, which my son brought home to me a few years back when he spent a few weeks over there -
Minimalising Mental-clutter?
The mask from Bali my son brought home for me
Unknown Things?
Justin also did the designs on a deck of tarot cards which was mentioned in this old post about Jason's chapter 26 in the Sync Book -
A Child's Treasury of the Tarot Was Trumped in 2017?
42 Minutes Podcast Episode 34: Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
I liked hearing Justin mention in the podcast about making designs for Sync book 2 that he realized that there was an eclipse taking place in Australia (where I live) and he realized he had drawn an eclipse on the front of Sync Book #1:-)
I also thought it was amusing that Justin mentions in the podcast titled Justin in the Green Room living in Brisbane in the USA, while I live just outside of Brisbane in Australia.
I highly recommend reading Justin's chapter #22 in the Sync Book and looking at his artwork if you can get your hands on a copy.
The book is a work of cosmic art in itself, I think.
Soul Card #0/22The Fool

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