" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 17, 2019

Modern Witchcraft, Inciting a Brew Ha Ha and Stirring the Cauldron?

Seeing that newspaper article above where the most common cat name in Australia is Luna I wondered just how many of those cats belonged to "witches".
My guess is a lot.
Ever since picking up and reading what I think is a very interesting little book called 'Wiccapedia' I've been trying to delve into just what the so called religion of Wicca and the practice of "Paganism" are all about, and I'm beginning to see why those practices feature predominately a cat as their mascot/familiar ... because getting a straight answer is like trying to herd cats ... and don't get me wrong, as I love cats.
A Book of Shadows and a Candle and You're a Star?
I've since kinda got the gist as to what Wicca is about and I certainly wouldn't agree with their guidelines, as nice and fluffy as they seem, because to me Wicca is just a grab-bag of shamanism, psychology, superstition and new age beliefs all put into an antique cauldron and given a stir to try and produce just one more wo/man made religion that the world can do without.
Since reading 'Wiccapedia' I've been listening to various podcasts about witchcraft trying to figure out just what "Paganism" is all about, some good like 'Stirring the Cauldron', some funny and catty like 'Inciting a Brew Ha Ha' and some crap ones which/witch will remain nameless.
I couldn't help thinking of the movie 'The Matrix' while reading 'Wiccapedia', because of the green and black colour scheme throughout the book, talk of using modern technology in rituals and the odd black cat here and there.
As far as podcasts go, I like Marla Brooks' podcast 'Stirring the Cauldron', because it's not just about witchcraft and has some interesting non witchy guests on the show. 
I like this episode with the author of the book 'Weave the Liminal'Laura Tempest Zakroff -
 Laura Tempest Zakroff Weave The Liminal
That book looks right up my alley, but I'm just judging the cover as I haven't read it or know too much about the book, except from what I heard about it on the podcast.
I also found the podcast 'Inciting a Brew Ha ha' hosted by a couple of bitches witches who like to rant on about stuff in the "Pagan" world that are hissing them off that month.
I listened to the first podcast episode trying to find out just what "Paganism" is all about and afterwards it became all clear ... as mud, but I found the show amusing in a sit-com kind of way.
And if you came to the practice of witchcraft to get away from all of the disagreements in the religious world, then good luck in this world when "witches" meet to discuss what they believe about "The Craft".
I mean, hey I like witches/wizards as much as I like Roman Catholics, but that doesn't mean I want to be one.
Just like Catholicism, there is stuff I really like about witchcraft, but overall, I can't identify as one, as there are things I just can't agree with in both, as much as I like a lot of things about both.
And I can see why a lot of witches/wizards are lapsed or ex-Catholics.
The 'Betwixt & Between' podcast is a good listen as well as Pam Grossman's 'The Witch Wave' podcast, which to me going by the show name sounds like a podcast for witches who are into surfing:-)
I'm sure a podcast called 'The Witch Wave' would be a hit around Byron Bay, which is full of surfers and bats ... and probably witches, too;-)
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 2)
From the book 'Wiccapedia'
Flying foxes/bats over the Byron Bay CBD
on a recent trip of mine
I think the crossover thing that appeals to me about witchcraft is the shamanic elements involved like in the chapter in 'Wiccapedia' titled 'A Witch's Menagerie' (just stirring the females up out there with highlighting the words men and man in those words;-).
I really love crows as much as I love cats and they flock to me like I'm a crow magnet, but does that make me a witch?
I'm a bit of a magpie magnet as well, but I must repel owls, as I've never seen an owl appear in the wild around me ... and I've gone looking in areas where they live ... so my message is f#ck 'em I say:-)
Are the Powerful Owls What They Seem?
And as far as "Paganism" goes, it's still as clear as mud all over a crystal ball to me when I try and look for a good answer.
And I own some balls, so I should know what balls that are unclean are like to work with when it comes to scrying and looking for answers, as far as "Paganism" and witchcraft goes;-)

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