" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 10, 2019

As Above, Snow Below and There's No Place Like Home/Oz?

Crowley and Jackman share the same
birthday of
October 12th, just sayin':-)
I was listening to Niles Heckman's latest podcast at his
'An Infinite Path' website where he was interviewing
Shonagh Home on collectivism, relocating, calling in an intention, power of mind, money as energy, leaders being readers and living more in balance -
An Infinate Path Podcast: EP087: SHONAGH HOME
In the opening of that podcast Niles asks Shonagh about the concept of "as above, so below" and Shonagh tells Niles how the astrological signs match the earth plane below as far as the seasons and star signs go.
I thought Shonagh obviously hasn't spent much, or any time in the southern hemisphere of the planet, as our seasons are the opposite to the northern hemisphere and don't match the astrological signs when it comes to the seasons.
As an example in Australia's national capital city of Canberra tonight an AFL game between the GWS Giants and the Hawthorn Hawks got snowed on.
Snow falls on footy match at Canberra's Manuka Oval
Horus/Hawks/Falcons ... whatever?-)
Snow falls on Hawthorn's big win over GWS Giants at Manuka Oval in Canberra
And ironically given the subjects of the podcast mentioned above about money as energy and leaders being readers, one of Australia's mints is located in Canberra, as well as the so called "leaders" of the country ... well the leading politicians of Australia anyway.
Making a Mint in Canberra
Ryan Peverly, Occulture and the Seven-pointed Star on the Infinite Path?
Australia's Prime-minister next to the
seven-pointed star
on the flag;-) 
And on the subject of relocating brought up in the podcast I had thought seriously of relocating to Canberra after spending over a week there in 2016 and the coffee shop I mentioned in this post about Canberra was just across the road from the football stadium where it snowed tonight -
It's All Downhill From Here?
An oak leaf that fell into my
coffee cup in
When it comes to the southern hemisphere, eye don't know about so below being as above.
But as within, so without might be more universal when it comes to the planet and the universe in general I think;-)
Where is My Mind and Guess Whose Mum's Got a Whirlpool?

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