" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 25, 2019

A Live Buddha at the Gas Pump?

Starting in 42:42 minutes?-)
I've never watched a live 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' episode before, and it should be especially interesting for me not ever having met the guest Gillian Ross, who is featured in this one, and who lives about one hundred miles away from where I do, and whose book I read and enjoyed years ago.
Psyche's Yearning
More White Syncs
On the Path?
I don't think I have Gillian's book anymore.
And looking back through that old blog post titled 'On The Path' it's fun to see how much of that stuff has been given away and has found other homes to be in.
It's fun to make gifts of the past into someone's present, isn't it?-)
Although, I still have that owl trinket hanging just to the left-hand side of my computer screen, as a screen memory you might say;-)
Time's up and I'm still waiting?-)
My psyche's yearning to hear and see this Buddha at the Gas Pump, I just hope that I haven't been stood up.

UPDATE: 2019


  1. I hope you got to tune in. Sometimes we start a bit late because we're dealing with technical issues.

  2. No worries, I got to see it all while I was eating breakfast.
    I'll put the You Tube into the post when it's available, too.
    I enjoyed the talk.
    It was one of my favourites of the BatGP interviews I have watched so far.

  3. Good. I hope I didn't talk too much. She had said beforehand that she wanted it to be more of a conversation than an interview, which tends to be my style anyway. I'll probably post it on Sunday.

  4. As close to perfect as humanly possible I thought Rick.
    And conversations tend to be the best format when it comes to interviews I feel.
    One of the biggest podcasts on the Australian internet, which is actually an ABC Radio show hosted by Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski is called just that 'Conversations' and is one of my favourite podcasts also.
    Right up there with 'The Buddha at the Gas Pump' (... or Petrol Station as we call them out here in Australia) ;-)
    Cheers Rick and keep up the good work that you are doing with your show, as I'm sure that the "ripple effect" from it is a lot bigger than you could imagine ... literally.