" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 31, 2019

Apocalypse Pharmaka and #137?

237 137?-)
I was reading Gordon White's latest post about a series of posts that I haven't read yet that he had written over the years at his blog 'Rune Soup' titled 'Apocalypse Pharmaka' and the fact that 137 million Americans experienced a medical related financial hardship in the last year caught my eye.
In one of his dreams, Pauli saw an image that
came to be known as
Pauli’s world clock.
"Is there a number at the root of the universe?
A primal number that everything in the world hinges on?
This question exercised many great minds of the twentieth century, among them the groundbreaking physicist Wolfgang Pauli and the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung.
Their obsession with the power of certain numbers―including 137, which describes the atom’s fine-structure constant and has great Kabbalistic significance―led them to develop an unlikely friendship and to embark on a joint mystical quest reaching deep into medieval alchemy, dream interpretation, and the Chinese Book of Changes.
137 explores the profound intersection of modern science with the occult, but above all it is the tale of an extraordinary, fruitful friendship between two of the greatest thinkers of our times."

Celebrating Life and #137?
Hmm ... the 1:37 minute mark of the movie trailer?
What Does Magical Timing Look Like?
Amazing RATS: Don't Call Me Angel (Charlie's Angels)?
You' re going to have to read all of those linked posts above to even begin to put this little synchromystic puzzle together ... and a supercomputer might come in handy, too;-)
Oh, and I watched 'The Valley of the Dolls' for the first time the other day after watching 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' for the second time and that was an eye opener;-)
I was wondering also if I'm the only straight guy in the world who enjoyed this film:-)
And while I wouldn't say no to Sharon Tate, Barbara Parkins is my fantasy wife in this flick.
"The character of Jennifer North [in 'The Valley of the Dolls'] is based largely on Marilyn Monroe but also on Carole Landis, while Jacqueline Susann later admitted that Tony Polar was inspired by Dean Martin."
Um ... do I really need to take
pill to wake up or sleep?-)
"The character of Neely O'Hara was partially based on Judy Garland's own history (with pills, alcohol, and failed marriages).
It was Garland's real-life pill addiction that contributed to her leaving this film.
Judy Garland was originally cast in the role of Helen Lawson.
She was fired because of her drinking and behavior and was replaced by Susan Hayward.
Other actors considered as replacements were Tammy Grimes and Bette Davis.
Judy: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,Too?
Re-released in 1969 after the murder of Sharon Tate
I think Tarantino nailed the year 1969 as a crucial turning point in modern history, real, pop-cultural and imagined history that is;-)
Even if the fact that my ex-wife came into the world that year makes me want to reach ... for the pill bottle;-)
July 26th is Stanley Kubrick's
Carl Jung's birthdays, too;-)
The August 27th, 2019 front page
I've got to go now.
The nurse told me to stop playing with my DOLLS and take my red pills.
Life was so much better when I was living at home;-)

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