" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 31, 2019

Every Man and Woman is a Star, But No Man or Woman is an Island?

I wrote a post back in 2013 titled -
No Man is an Island...
It was about a brilliant cartoonist who had drawn a cartoon of a man phoning for a pizza from a phone box on a deserted island.
I loved that imagery, because I could see that while a lot of people on this planet (me included) felt more connected to each other than ever through the relatively new World Wide Web, at the same time they probably never felt such social isolation, similar to the guy in the old school phone booth on the island in the cartoon.
Just Outside the Box?
While I'm not a religious person because I tend to believe all the religions on this planet are just man made for political control of the masses in many ways, I do believe in a creative intelligence that is bigger than the sum of everything in the universe and to me that is "God" for a lack of a better word.
I think most world religions point the finger to that source anyway, so I don't have a problem with the core beliefs of most religions, as I feel there is more good to them than harm if people are allowed to use the brain "God" gave them to think with, rather than believing some parroting priest whose only answer to difficult life questions is, "because it's just the way it is".
Just Outside the Box?
I believe that "God" is the sum of all of our parts, and even a star is only one small part of a much bigger universe.
I heard my old mate Bernie Beitman on a recent podcast telling the host of that show his theory of synchronicity when the host talked about the coincidence of meeting his future wife and Bernie told him more or less that it was the intention of the two souls and that's it.
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?
Old World Magick – Coincidences – Paranormal Podcast 602
I slapped my forehead in frustration with Bernie's answer, because he seems like a smart man to me, but he just doesn't get how synchronicity works I feel.
He talks all the time about GPS, but it seems to fly over his head (pardon the pun) that there is always a third force needed for GPS to work.
It's a TRINITY Bernie, think Yin/Yang and the Tao.
The Tao/God is the third force in the interaction between the Yin/Yang.
Get it?
The Yin and Yang are the minor forces at work in the greater overall force.
You can bulls#!t yourself as much as you like by pretending that you are some great magician making it all happen, but that is not true Bernie.
There is a greater force at work here Bernie, and while you are a part of it, you aren't calling the shots in this game as much as you think you are.
I personally think Crowley was an asshole;-)
Crowley had some good ideas, but even he couldn't pull his head out of his own selfish ass throughout his deluded lifetime.
Did someone mention ass?-)
Not that I'm into Jesus, but on the subject of asses;-)
God isn't one of us, God is all of us and more, I think Bernie:-)
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