" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 31, 2019


Female Jockey Rikki Palmer
I wrote about picking up Maddox's book 'F*CK WHALES' and starting the book from where I had left off reading it after listening to a guy named Mark Manson* who I thought was the author of 'F*CK WHALES' (but he F*CKIN' isn't it turns out) talk about his new book on a recent podcast in this post -
Mark (Not Charlie) Manson and Not Giving a F#ck?
Anyway, I was reading the paper and reading the chapter 
'F*CK HORSES' in the book 'F*CK WHALES' while I was listening to that podcast and I stumbled across a few news articles about the racing industry.
I saw a story about a female jockey named Rikki Palmer who had a successful return to the winners circle after returning to horse racing after the birth of her second child.
What caught my eye in the story though was the name Palmer, as it was the same surname as the actress starring in the movie
'Ride Like a Girl' which is about the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, Australia's most famous horse race. 
I'd seen a movie poster for the movie when I was coming out of the cinema from just having seen 
'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' on the first day it was released at the cinema in Australia and snapped the photo of the poster on my phone to remind me when I got home to find out when the Palmer movie is hitting cinema screens here.
I had also watched a movie the other day called 'Dominion', which was mainly about animals being slaughtered in slaughterhouses for human consumption, but it also touched on rodeos, dog and horse racing -
Farmageddon in the Year of the Pig?
While the makers of this movie probably had a case with the food industry I thought the section on horse racing wasn't a true reflection of the industry as a whole and since I' m a fan of horse racing I was going to post my own F*CK HORSES type post in the style of Maddox making my case that it wasn't really that dangerous.
And just as I was about to post this post I saw the news of an apprentice female jockey dying in track-work this morning.  
So I had to scrap what I had written and rewrite this post again, as under the current circumstances it would not have been funny or in good form to post it.
It also made me wonder about Rikki racing as a mother and something like this happening to her leaving behind infant daughters to raise.
Of course, if you know the real life story of Michelle Payne, she was raised without a mother, because her mother was killed in a car crash when Michelle was a baby, leaving her father and family to raise her.
So F*CK CARS, too, in that case.  
Rikki Palmer
Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne
BTTF and Off to the Races with Lana Del Rey on Melbourne Cup Day?
Also in the Rikki Palmer story in the newspaper was another story about a horse named Tarzan winning a memorial race for a jockey who died within a day of Michelle Payne winning the 
Melbourne Cup.
Tim Bell
died in a fall, but not from a horse.
He died from falling off a building in
Singapore .

Starring Margot Robbie as Jane Clayton
Starring Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate
Margot Robbie played the role of a mother to be who had her life cut tragically short in real life in Tarantino's latest movie.
Oddly enough, the guy who writes under the pseudonym of Maddox turns out to be a guy whose real name is George Ouzounian and whose birthday falls on the same day as Quentin Tarantino's, March 27th.
'What's This Tao All About' Podcast #57 — The Empty Boat ... and 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood'?
And on the back page of the same newspaper that all those stories came from was a story about the Gold Coast Titans finishing on the bottom of the national rugby league table this year of 2019.
The Titans entered the NRL competition 12 years ago in 2007, which was also the 'Year of the Pig'.
The Gold Coast is where Margot Robbie grew up by the way and the mayor of the Gold Coast has the surname of Tate.
Brad Pitt and Margaret Qualley in
Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019)
And as I was reading Maddox's chapters in his book 'F*CK WHALES' this chapter pictured below could almost sum up the moral to be learned from watching 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood', right Roman?-)
This movie turned 20 this year, by the way;-)
I wonder if Maddox would see the synchromysticism in this post of mine or if he would just say F*CK HOLLYWOOD (BUT DON'T ... UNLESS THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH AND CONSENT TO BE F*CKED;-)

Second jockey dead in two days, after race fall in Darwin