" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 12, 2019

Being Taken ... Beyond the Spectrum?

Room 217?-)
I watched a movie/documentary over the weekend on Amazon Prime called 'Being Taken: Beyond the Spectrum' and found it amusing and interesting at the same time.
Amusing because the movie 'The Nightmare' was mentioned as trying to explain away the alien phenomena as "just" sleep paralysis, which I feel was not what the director of that film would tell you, having been involved with Rodney myself with other projects he has been a part of, and groups he is/was involved with.
Not that Rodney is involved or interested in the UFO/alien phenomena as far as I know, but I think he would be rather neutral, if not an interested bystander as to just what these people are seeing.
The Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis
 I found it rather synchromystic that Rodney Ascher made the movie 'Room 237' before 'The Nightmare' and that the You Tube trailer for 'Being Taken: Beyond the Spectrum' runs for 2:17 minutes:-)
42 Minutes Podcast 05.28.13 Episode 86: Rodney Ascher Room 237
I think if anything the sync-heads as a whole would tend to lean towards the idea of aliens being real ... on some level at least.
42 Minutes Podcast 04.30.13 Episode 82: Joe Alexander "The Blur"
Who needs to be taken aboard a spacecraft when mother-ship earth is such a strange space vehicle to be on board?-)
Taking a look at director/writer of 'Being Taken: Beyond the Spectrum' Lee Lustig's IMDB page I find it interesting that he worked on 'The Story of God with Morgan Freeman' as an editor.
I can't wait to see what films Lee brings out in the future.
A Hell of a Coincidence, Too?
Dean Alioto in Beyond The Spectrum -
Being Taken
Dean Alioto looks an interesting guy, too.
I must keep an eye out for Dean's next movie 'Portal', as that looks rather interesting, I think.
Stanton Friedman in Beyond The Spectrum -
Being Taken
'Being Taken: Beyond the Spectrum' was one of the last for the late Stanton Friedman, who passed beyond the spectrum in May this year.
I see on a coincidental/synchromystic level that Stanton shared a birthday of July 29th with actors Allison Mack and Stephen Doff.
The Mystery of Sleep ... and Dreams?
Beyond The Spectrum - Being Taken (2018)
Travis Walton in Beyond The Spectrum
 - Being Taken
November 5th?!
42 Minutes Podcast 08.02.19 Episode 340: Andras Jones All You Get
Andras Jones and Rodney Ascher
share the same birthday, too
Ironically Travis Walton shares April 23rd as a birthday with William Shakespeare who also is said to have passed away beyond the spectrum on that date, too.
Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15
Keep telling yourself life's all just coincidence if that makes you feel better, but I prefer to tell myself that it's all connected in more ways than we could ever imagine from down here.
American Cosmic and Launch Fever?
The Synchromysticism Wikipedia page
I found it amusing how much the film 'Being Taken: Beyond the Spectrum' highlights so many Wikipedia pages, not the best source of information on the net, but even I point people to such pages as the synchromysticism Wikipedia page, even though I'm not happy that the term synchromysticism seems to have been hijacked by "chaos magicians" and tried to be pulled under the umbrella of "chaos magick".
Synchromysticism is a bigger phenomenon than whatever "chaos magick" is meant to be, I think.   
It's a bit like the Roman Catholic Church trying to claim spirituality as a subcategory of Roman Catholicism to me.
But in this world some group is always trying to claim something universal as their own it seems.

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