" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 5, 2019

What is it with Miles Franklin Literary Award Winners from Queensland and the Year of the Pig?

Too Much Lip (2019 winner)
I was glad to see Melissa Lucashenko win the Miles Franklin Literary Award for her latest book (which I'm yet to read), as I loved her book 'Mullumbimby' -
BUDDA-BAH ... or Buddha Bear?
And while we don't know each other, our paths have crossed many times in the past and I feel we are kindred spirits in many ways.
We both seem to feel at home in the same parts of Australia and while I'm slightly older than Melissa, we are around the same age and grew up in the same time frame in Australia, so she feels like family to me, even though genetically we probably are worlds (maybe literally;-) apart.
Miles Franklin Literary Award won by Melissa Lucashenko for her novel Too Much Lip
A Powerful Owl Synchronicity at the BBWF For Me
Melissa Lucashenko at the Byron Writers Festival in 2016
4 out of the last 6 Years of the Pig
have been won by
Carpentaria (2007 winner)
I couldn't help but notice when I saw the list of Queensland winners in the Queensland newspaper that the last time a Queensland author won the award was 2007, which was the last Year of the Pig and it was also won in 1995 by a Queensland author in controversial circumstances.
And while a Queensland author didn't win it in 1983 or 1971, the first time a Queensland author won it was in 1959 ... the Year of the Pig.
The Big Fellow (1959 winner)
My money is on a Queensland author winning it again in 2031.
And it could even be Melissa again, who knows?

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