" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 2, 2019

Storage & the Bandit?

I just finished reading a book called 'Disappearing Off the Face of the Earth', which was a fictional novel about a guy who owned and operated a self-storage facility and who sold the goods of rent defaulters who had mysteriously disappeared and stopped paying rent for the goods they had stored in the facility -
 God Doesn't Play Yahtzee With the Universe?
After reading the novel I wondered if there really was a place called 'Hideaway Self Storage' in Australia and I did an internet search to see if there was.
I did find a place by that name in the USA, which had a squirrel as the company mascot, which I found interesting since squirrels are known for storing nuts and the novel I read was about the subject of mental illness and the storing of memories, as much as the storage of personal goods.
But I also came across an interesting article about rent defaulters who had their goods auctioned off from failure to pay the rent on the storage space where they stored their goods.
And one of those defaulters was Burt Reynolds  -
The 6 Strangest Things Found in Abandoned Storage Units
Written and directed by Bill Bennett
Personal (inner) Guidance System?
Well timing is everything it seems, because Bill Bennett who wrote and directed Burt Reynolds in the 2001 movie 'Tempted' released a movie last year just before Burt passed away called 'PGS: Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System' about a near miss Bill had with a truck that ran a red light in New Orleans when Bill was filming the Burt Reynolds movie 'Tempted'.
The Tarantino movie 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' was inspired by Burt Reynolds and his stunt double and Burt was even going to be in the movie until he passed away unexpectedly last year.
I met Bill this year at a screening of 'PGS: ...' and bought a copy of the book while discussing the timing of his movie coming out in September last year just days before Burt passed away -
Using Your PGS ... or Maybe Even Your Internal Dash Cam?
And the thing is I had never even heard of David Cohen until I took note of the ibis signs in Byron Bay last year in August -
What Are We Going to Do About the Ibis?
Girl riding Movie World’s HyperCoaster hit in the face by rogue ibis
'Disappearing Off the Face of the Earth'
Also, I found it rather synchy that as I decided to write a post about Burt Reynolds, Bill Bennett, David Cohen and the ibis, I see the story in the local news above about a girl named Paige (page/book?) who got hit in the head by an ibis while riding a roller coaster and I had just listened to an old podcast by a lady named Paige -
Weird Web Radio: Special Guest Paige Zaferiou
and then read her latest blog post where she suggested going on divination walks -
And that ibis incident happened on the Gold Coast roller coaster with the Joker's face at the top of the ride.
"Sirens of the Sea" World and Coasting with Archetypes?
I'd only listened to Paige's podcast because her's was the first one on a site I found an interview with Benebell Wen when I was looking for podcasts featuring Benebell, because I'm currently reading her book 'The Tao of Craft' -
The Evil Eye ... and That Rug Really Tied the Room Together, Did It Not?
Then Niles Heckman uploads a podcast the same day as the ibis/coaster news story, although Niles lives about a day behind us Aussies as far as clock time goes -
A Niles Heckman Essay: Tapping into Symbols and Synchronicity
This rabbit hole goes way deeper and involves another book I bought last year down in Byron Bay, but that's for a future post which I'll link here when I write it.
The only thing I worry about when I buy all of these books at writers festivals that I don't want to give away when I've read them and have fond memories of, is where am I going to store them all?-)
Probably a good thing I'm not going to the 2019 Byron Writers festival this year then?

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