" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 26, 2019

Amazon and Climate Change?

Did someone say Amazon?-)
I listened to this latest '42 Minutes' podcast yesterday featuring Nathaniel Rich, author of books with titles like 'Losing Earth: A Recent History' and 'Odds Against Tomorrow', which ironically was linked from the '42 Minutes' website to the book's web-pages at Amazon, while I was reading Maddox's book 'F*CK WHALES'and specifically the chapter in Maddox's book titled 'F*CK TREES', while I saw headlines in the news telling me that the Amazon was on fire, big-time.
42 Minutes Podcast 08.24.19 Episode 342: Nathaniel Rich
NASA releases disturbing photos of
Amazon fire captured from space
I was reading 'F*CK WHALES' because I had listened to a podcast featuring (who I thought was) the author on another podcast talking about his current book about the state of the planet, called, 'Everything is F*cked, A Book About Hope':-(, which I wrote this post about -
Mark (Not Charlie) Manson and Not Giving a F#ck?
The chapter before 'F*CK TREES' was 'F*CK HORSES':-)
I was also flicking through an old newspaper I hadn't read until yesterday, out of a stack of papers I got off my mother (I rarely buy newspapers myself) before I tossed them into my recycling bin.
The headline on the front page read 'SWIM AT ALL COSTS', which was kind of amusing to me for some reason.
Seeing that sacred kingfisher (or is it just a hummingbird?) on the cover of Mark's book above made me think of the first real blogpost I ever wrote on my blog, which was about a sacred kingfisher that nearly killed itself by smashing into my front living-room window, so maybe there is another message in that post in hindsight?-)
The Bird that Flew into the Window
The Sacred Kingfisher that hit my window
"It is called “sacred” for it was said to be a holy bird for Polynesians, who believed it to have control over the waves.
Likewise, the local subspecies of collared kingfisher and other kingfishers in the southwestern Pacific were ascribed venerable power over the ocean."
My rational mind tells me the world is f#cked, but my gut feeling tells me it's not too late, even though things are about to get pretty bad before they start getting better, and that they won't get better in my lifetime.
Still, it does look like the Amazon is f#cked to me.
Let's hope it grows back quickly and the world acts to protect it for future generations.

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