" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 21, 2019

Mark (Not Charlie) Manson and Not Giving a F#ck?

Not Mark Manson?! Whoops
I just listened to the August 19th
'The Osher GΓΌnsberg Podcast' called
'Not Giving A Fuck, with Mark Manson' and wondered about the timing of this podcast being released the same week in Australia that a big movie about another infamous Manson played by an Australian actor was released on national cinema screens.
I'm actually off to the cinema tonight to see the movie again with my sons.
50 Years Ago a Man Went Looking for America and Couldn't Find IT
Anywhere . . . ?
42 Easter Eggs & References You Might Have Missed
I also listened to another good podcast featuring the Aussie actor who has played Manson (not Mark:-) twice in dramatic shows -
Aussies in Hollywood Podcast: Damon Herriman
I never knew that Damon (not Matt:-) was in a Bernard Fanning music video until this week.
But here is the kicker in that story, as
'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' was released in Australian cinemas on Bernard Fanning's 50th birthday (August 15th).
My cinema ticket from the Australian opening day screening
Or should I say, "who gives a f#ck?";-)
Things Go Better with cOKe?
WHAT THE F... inger?! The Sound of 'Two Hands' Clapping?
Life is one f#ckin' strange trip it seems to me.
But who gives a f#ck, right?-)
Which reminds me that I never did finish reading Mark Manson's book 'F*CK WHALES'*.
*Only problem was it wasn't Mark Manson who wrote 'F*CK WHALES' I found out after I had written this post F*CK IT!
It's still laying on my filing cabinet to my right with the book mark still in it from where I was up to.
I was really enjoying it too, it's just that I was reading other books that I felt needed reading first and put it aside and it got buried under other books and magazines that I'm yet to read, as well.
So catching this latest podcast featuring Mark has reminded me to stop f#cking around wasting my time on other things and to finish reading his f#ckin' book. 
Ah f#ck it, there's my copy of 'Ulysses' under Mark's book that I promised myself to finish reading back on Bloomsday.
Oh crap, and there is my copy of 'Infinite Jest' that I keep kidding myself that I'll start reading under my copy of 'Ulysses'.
Sometimes I just wish the f#ckin' book angel would get off my back.
Saving the F*cking Whales?
Oh, and there is Graham Hancock's book about the war gods that I started reading and am yet to finish reading under 'Infinite Jest'.
Are you kidding me?!
F#ck books and book angels, too!
I've got movies to watch and podcasts to listen to first;-)
Stories of Synchronicity?

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