" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 10, 2019

Three Queens, a Woman in the Wilderness and Sea-lions?

New Zealander Russel Crowe as Robin Hood
The "book angel" always seems throw a book at me at the right time in my life to read it.
I'm currently reading Miriam Lancewood's book 'Woman in the Wilderness', a book I bought last year after seeing this mysterious Dutch woman walk into a book festival in Byron Bay with a large hunting bow and talk about her life in the New Zealand wildness hunting and eating animals.
The Mystery of Sleep ... and Dreams?
Miriam Lancewood at the 2018 BWF
Miriam says that she was inspired to take up hunting with a bow and arrow after growing up reading stories about Robin Hood.
Synchronistically Miriam hit the New Zealand wilderness in 2010 the year New Zealander Russell Crowe starred as Robin Hood in the 2010 movie of the same name.
Miriam's book is NOT for
Vegan Warrior Princesses
I'm currently halfway through Miriam's book and last night I read the part in the book where she and Peter stumbled across a sea-lion cave and then a group of sea-lions.
Miriam even writes about finding a sea-lion skull and extracting a tooth from the skull drilling a hole in the tooth and giving it to her husband Peter to where as a necklace, telling him that, "now you will carry the spirit of the seal".
This reminded me of Jake Kotze's You Tube channel where he goes under the avatar of "Seallion" and his sync film 'Three Queens' about all these movie stars using bow and arrows.
Miriam even has a sister named Hanna:-)
Say sNOw to Hanna!!!
Walking trail map from the book 'Woman in the Wilderness'
Miriam describes these majestic tall ferns that grow to great heights in the New Zealand wilderness, and I always wondered what the strange tree growing at the side of my home was.
Turns out it's one of these Kiwi trees pictured above.
New Zealanders must have owned the place I now live in at some stage many moons ago. 
The huge New Zealand tree fern towering above my home
The Kiwi(?) fern in my backyard garden next to the tree stump
And on the subject of trees, a few pages before Miriam mentioned the sea-lions she talks about making tea out of the leaves of a Manuka tree when she was out hunting goats with a French doctor.
The oval that I wrote about in my last post is in the Canberra suburb of Manuka, hence the name Manuka Oval -
As Above, Snow Below and There's No Place Like Home/Oz?
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
 My Brisbane Lions indigenous jersey
Lion King Ooshies?
Guess which team the Brisbane Lions are playing today?-)
I don't think there will be snow in Brisbane somehow.
A tragic jogging story I saw in yesterday's news
The French doctor who Miriam goes goat hunting with was a woman named Celine who Miriam ran into when Celine was doing a solo 30km run in the wilderness one day and Celine had literally run into trouble trying to make it back to where she had run from, so Miriam and Peter lent her their kayak to in order for Celine to get back home, since she wasn't able to do it safely by land.
Oddly enough, I stumbled across an interesting podcast show called 'The Wild Podcast' when I was searching for podcasts featuring Miriam -
The Wild Podcast #9 Miriam Lancewood - Living in the Wilderness for Nine Years
The latest 'The Wild Podcast' I listened to yesterday was about missing hikers -
The Wild Podcast #14 Naomi Arnold - Missing hikers and journalism in the outdoors
Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety
"Naomi Arnold is a journalist and writer based in Nelson, New Zealand.
We talk about prominent missing tramper cases she's covered, search and rescue and other important issues facing the outdoors in New Zealand.
Her book latest book Southern Nights is due out in October.
It looks at what is special about our southern skies, which have only been explored very recently compared to those in the northern hemisphere.
It showcases our 'family of light', the major stars and objects of our sky and their associated meanings, history and cultural importance, explains Polynesian celestial navigation, which brought the first people here, and Maori astronomy or tatai arorangi, which helped people live here once they arrived.
This episode is brought to you by Absolute Wilderness, delicious freeze-dried meals to fuel your next adventure made locally in Nelson, New Zealand, using the freshest, tastiest ingredients 
The Wild Podcast is produced by The Content Lab, content marketing, copywriting, and brand storytelling services for New Zealand businesses that want to build audiences and authority online.

Oddly enough with 'The Wild Podcast' being based in the New Zealand town of Nelson I was surprised to see the above news story where they found those two scumbags by the Nelson River in Canada.
Life is certainly one strange trip, tramp, bush walk, whatever and who knows what's around the next corner or what card the cosmic dealer is going to give you next?
Natalie Christopher wearing #314 (3.14/Pi?) 
The Wild Podcast #12 Warren Bates - What Doesn't Kill You: The Story of GODZone


  1. You meet the most intriguing people, Daz. The wild woman may be one of the oddest yet.

  2. If Miriam read this blog of mine she might be saying that about me Trish:-)