" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 11, 2019


I watched the movie 'Unity' the other day on Amazon Prime thinking that it was a fairly recent movie/documentary, but I soon found out it turns 4 years old tomorrow (August 12th, 2019).
I like taking a look back at times of anniversaries to see what has transpired since.

Released 24 years ago in the Year of the Pig
Peace Out: Woodstock 50 Goes Down Like a Led Zeppelin in the Year of the Pig?
Woodstock '69
I was only checking out the movie's IMDB page to find out if that was Russell Crowe's voice I was hearing as one of the narrators of the movie, but it must have been Geoffrey Rush's voice I heard.
Don't Be in a RUSH to See the New 'Storm Boy' movie?
Geoffrey Rush won his deformation court case that was mentioned in that old, linked post above about the movie 'Storm Boy'.
But I was amazed looking back from a 2019 perspective through the list of narrator's for the movie 'Unity', which was made before the #MeToo movement and to see how many of those male narrators have since been accused of sexual misconduct and especially one actor whose house of cards has since collapsed, as far acting goes anyway.
Not that it really detracts from the film's message, but just sayin';-)
My beef with the movie is that while it is certainly worth watching, it is a bit on the Disney side of realism of living ... and dying ... in a modern world.
And while I do shun the beef and dairy industry and minimize eggs in my diet now for my own personal health reasons, as well as trying to decrease my footprint on the destruction of the planet, I'm not a Vegan or Vegetarian.
And while I don't like seeing unnecessary cruelty inflicted on animals, how do you stop other animals inflicting unnecessary cruelty on other animals in the wild, or even in the suburbs for that matter?
In case you haven't noticed, life is cruel, even without the sadism of the human animal getting involved.
I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying that it is what it is.
Three Queens, a Women in the Wilderness and Sea-lions?
While I have nothing against Vegans and Vegetarians, some of the hardcore one's really are living with their head stuck down a rabbit hole.
That said, I did like the movie 'Unity' and its message, even though some of those images I'll never be unable to see again.
Such is life, I guess.
Missy Higgins
I just realized that Missy Higgins was one of the narrators in the 'Unity' film when looking through the long list of who's who of narrators on that project.
Have you seen a Lion playing with its food, by the way?-)
Lion King Ooshies?
Missy was born in the Year of the Pig and turns 36 in 2019, the Year of the Pig, so that's three cycles of the Chinese zodiac she will have completed this month.
Miriam Lancewood was also born in 1983, the Year of the Pig.
Oh, and Chris Hemsworth was born in the Year of the Pig and turn's 36 today.
Here's a Jake Kotze sync video below featuring Chris as Thor and mentioning Chris' birthday of August 11th.
You can watch the whole movie in the You Tube below, but there is disturbing footage of animals, as well as humans being hurt and killed.
If Carl Sagan had have put a copy of this movie on the Voyagers 1&2 and aliens found it, then God help us all.
I know what I would be doing if I was a bunch of aliens who came across such a race of barbarians;-)
Let's hope that's not all folks.
Did you say #MeToo?-)

Using the media to 'light a fire'

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