" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 6, 2019

The Mystery of Sleep ... and Dreams?

I just watched a thought provoking documentary this morning with my iPad on Netflix called 'The Mystery of Sleep'.
This is a show I've had on my Netflix 'My List' to watch for quite some time, but this morning I decided to watch this documentary that I knew nothing about except for the title and a subject matter that intrigued me at present after waking up from a long and broken sleep and a somewhat disturbing and baffling dream I had around about four in the morning, then doing some reading before growing weary and sleeping until about 9:30 am and feeling like I had been hit by a bus when I woke up.
I've been meaning to pay more attention to my dreams after watching a talk by Loyd Auerbach at the 'New Thinking Allowed' site a few weeks back about Dreams and Psychic Dreams.
Sunspot Activity?
From the book 'Wiccapedia'
From the book 'Wiccapedia'
Apart from the dream I had last night I haven't recalled a dream since I was reading the dream chapter in the book 'Wiccapedia' ... and no, it had nothing to do with Lady Gaga thank Heavens (I have black sheets and that could have turned out to be a real nightmare the next day;-), it was about living in a posher version of the unit I now live in, that was furnished with expensive but classy antique furniture with a huge fish bowl and one big (what I thought in my dream was a goldfish) fish that looked to be like a rainbow trout in size and colour.
The fish was a slightly slimmer and longer version of the painted fish that hangs on my bedroom wall where my cuckoo clock used to be before it broke down and I threw it out.
The fish painting hanging near my
dream catcher on my bedroom wall
In my fish dream from a few weeks back I was in this dream version (literally my dream version:-) of my home that I now live in when there was a knocking at my front door.
I peeked out my blinds in this dream and saw what I interpreted to be three female Jehovah's Witnesses trying to get me to open my front door and buy a Watchtower magazine off them.
There was two adults and a child with glasses that looked to me like a real life Marcie out of a Charlie Brown cartoon.
They all looked like zombies to me and even "Marcie's" glasses looked zombie-fied in a glazed over kind of way.
And she was the one holding their magazine in her hands ready to make a pitch when I opened my front door.
I wasn't answering the door to this trio, so I pretended nobody was home, until they got the hint and left.    
It then struck me as strange how this particular religious trio was allowed to go door to door in a gated community that was named after a Catholic Pope and try to flog their magazine to tenants living there.
It was that point in my dream when I was sneaking away from my locked front door that I noticed the huge fish swimming in a huge bowl on an antique buffet in the living room.
Weirdly enough, I just found this video below featuring Marcie studying sleep habits of her mentor, when I was looking for images of the cartoon character to post:-) 
I stared at this fish swimming in a bowl in my dream living room and I was thinking, since when did I own a fish in a bowl as an adult?
I wouldn't think of keeping a fish in a bowl or a bird in a cage in my real waking adult life as I see that as a cruel and thoughtless act to inflict on a living creature.
I was wondering how this fish was staying alive and looking so big and healthy when I never recalled ever feeding it.
Then I noticed bugs were flying into the fish bowl and the fish was eating them as well as the algae that was growing in small patches in the bowl.
So this fish was self-sufficient it seemed and was thriving to boot.
I woke up then and that was all of the dream I could remember, so I looked up on the net just what dreaming of a fish in a bowl meant -
Goldfish - Meaning of Dream
"Goldfish is a wonderful magical creature that can grant any three wishes of a person who caught it.
The same in the dream, if a person sees a goldfish, the dream book states that you will be successful in business, and will have a lot of pleasant events in life.
In addition to all of the above, a goldfish can portend profit and success in financial affairs.
It also foreshadows changes of the wardrobe, and travels abroad."
Goldfish - Meaning of Dream
What Does Dreaming About Fishes Mean?
I thought this sounded good and there was an
$80,000,000 Oz Lotto draw happening that night, so I thought I should maybe buy an extra mini quick-pic for that nights draw.
My losing lotto ticket under a charm bag that I was given as a gift.
I was close to winning a prize with that ticket, but no cigar ... that night or since that draw, as far as winning any major prize in lotto or other forms of gambling, so maybe that wasn't what my dream was telling me, if anything.
From 'The Mystery of Sleep'
From 'The Mystery of Sleep'
Last night's dream was about me being a member of a famous rock band (who in real life don't exist as far as I know) and I was handed on stage in front of a large audience what I was told was my old guitar and to sing a famous song I had written years ago.
I stared at the guitar in my hands that seemed familiar to me, but a terrifying thought entered my mind in this dream and that was like in my real waking life, I had no idea how to play the guitar.
It was like I had dementia and couldn't remember a thing about this song that they wanted to hear me sing.
I was about to make a huge fool of myself in front of all these fans in the audience who had come to hear the band I was in, because I couldn't remember a thing about the music I supposedly had written or how to play the guitar I had written it on.
Luckily for me I woke up right as the band were queuing me up to play the song.
It was about four in the morning and I didn't feel like sleeping after that dream bout of potentially embarrassing memory loss in front of a large crowd.
So I picked up one of the books I'm in the middle of reading and tried to take my mind off memory loss:-)
I'm reading Miriam Lancewood's book 'Woman in the Wilderness' at the moment, which is about a woman who has lived in the wildness of New Zealand with her partner Peter for years.
I met her last year at the Byron Writers Festival after her book talk and bought her book.
Untangled Podcast #23 I’m a wild woman living in the wilderness – Miriam Lancewood
Miriam Lancewood at the 2018 BWF
I had no intention of going to her book talk on the day, as I hadn't heard of her until that day, it was just I was looking for a beer and her talk was happening in the pavilion next to the bar.
I had apprehensions when she walked in with a hunting bow in her hands.
More about her book in future posts, but why I bring the book up here apart from me reading part of it last night was that Miriam mentions the long hours she sleeps in the wilderness when the dark makes it impracticable to do anything but sleep.
Miriam says it makes a real difference to her well being sleeping so long and thinks that's why we have so many problems in our modern world of sleep deprivation with gadgets and binge watching Netflix shows robbing us of our sleeping hours.
A scene from the movie, 
We Need to Talk About Kevin
I had visions of the movie 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' when I saw the bow Miriam was carrying and how ironic it would be if this woman decided to go berserk with her weapon with me as a main target.
Now there's a nightmare thought, I thought:-)
We Need to Talk About Maleficent/Maleficence
After reading Miriam's book for a while last night I started to drift off again, so I went back to sleep and woke up at 9:30 am which is really late for me to still be in bed, but I felt really tired out still and couldn't get myself out of bed, so I then decided to watch
'The Mystery of Sleep', which I remembered I had on my Netflix 'My List', not even having seen a trailer about what the show was about.
I was stunned and amused to see the show start off by mentioning that Paul from 'The Beatles' had written the song 'Yesterday' from a dream he had, which I already knew that he had, but the timing of me watching this show after my dream about not knowing how to play a song I supposedly had once written in my dreamworld, but couldn't remember was baffling to me on many levels.   
Memories, dreams and reflections sure are funny and at times elusive things worthy of study and a second look and thought, I think.
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