" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 15, 2019

'Where Does Music Come From' and Random-Alien-Brain-Droppings?

I just listened to a 2014 interview featuring musician Jon Anderson from the band YES at a blog site called 'Random-Alien-Brain-Droppings' -
Random-Alien-Brain-Droppings: Jon Anderson/Interview
I saw and heard Jon play live at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in 2013 as I wrote in this old post -
Easter Sunday at Bluesfest
I went down to see and hear Roger Hodgson that day, as I grew up listening to 'Supertramp' and Roger's solo stuff like his songs off the 'In the Eye of the Storm' album I played quite a lot in my teens and early twenties.
I just stumbled into Jon playing that day, as I had no plans to listen to any particular artist at that time of the day and thought he sounded interesting by the blurb in the program listings.
The day had a weird magical vibe about it and considering the title of Roger's album above and the songs I wanted to hear him sing I found it rather synchronistic that while that day was overcast for most of the day, the rain really bucketed down when Roger took to the stage with one mighty clap of thunder when he stepped onto the stage.
It was perfect timing and Roger knew it, and the people in the tent also knew it was one of those WTF(?) moments that leave you scratching your head at the timing of it all.
But I couldn't believe (well, I could, but you know what I mean I'm sure) Jon telling in the podcast how he met the lady in Denmark (a country my mum's side of the family is from) who escaped Cambodia with her portable cassette player and a tape with Jon's music on it.
I only discovered this podcast and site because I had listened to the blog owner being interviewed by Mike Clelland (The Owl Guy) at 'The Unseen' podcast -
Experiencer Suzanne Chancellor shares her truth
I took a friendly dig at Mike (The Owl Guy) in my last post ... and to promote his book for him again - 
Mary Rodwell’s 3,000 Cases Suggest Ongoing Genetic Manipulation?
No need to thank me though Mike;-)
That's when I wondered what Mike was doing lately and found he was doing 'The Unseen' podcast at Whitley Strieber's website.
After listening to Suzanne speak with Jon on her podcast, I wondered what Jon had been up to lately and found out he had recorded a new album called '1000 Hands' with a song on that album called 'WDMCF'.
"WDMCF" is short for "Where Does Music Come From".
Jon also talked about songs coming from dreams and how he slept with a tape recorder next to his bed to capture them when he awoke.
The Mystery of Sleep ... and Dreams?

Well, speak of the trickster devil "Owl Guy", after a good night's sleep I get up and on my iPod is the latest 'Higher Journeys' podcast -
Owls, UFOs and ET Contact - Connecting the Dots and Bridging the Divide!!
And as much as I like to watch spinning wheels at this blog of mine, it's good to hear that Mike's wheels aren't spinning so much anymore these days and are making more contact on the road to life's inner and outer journey;-)
The Byron Bay Bluesfest is held every Easter long weekend in Byron Bay and I should mention here I guess that apart from the moon and the Cape Byron Lighthouse on posters, the owl has been a long-time mascot of the festival, too:-)
I didn't go this year, but usually when I do go it's a real whoot;-)

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