" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 26, 2020


217 episodes?
I had just watched a weird episode of 'The X-Files' titled 'Schizogeny' then watched the latest 'New Thinking Allowed' episode about subjects such as Schizotypy, and I had to look up just what those words actually meant.
"In psychology, schizotypy is a theoretical concept that posits a continuum of personality characteristics and experiences, ranging from normal dissociative, imaginative states to extreme states of mind related to psychosis, especially schizophrenia.
The continuum of personality proposed in schizotypy is in contrast to a categorical view of psychosis, wherein psychosis is considered a particular (usually pathological) state of mind, which the person either has or does not have."
I've got to say that episodes of the X-Files like that one leave me scratching my head as to just how this TV show was so successful in its run.
I would have given up seasons ago if I was watching when the shows came out weekly through the tube.
As I've written before, most of these episodes are like B-grade Stephen King story-lines -
Room 217?
What the Chinga?!
And I was really surprised to find out that
Stephen King actually did write an episode of the X-Files ... kind of.
Because Chris Carter seemed to have done a Stanley Kubrick on Stephen King and rewrote it:-)
It wasn't much better than 'Schizogeny' in the end anyway.
The Stanley Hotel - The Story Of Room 217/237, Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick and 'The Shining'?
Stanley Kubrick wo
uld pass away just after a year from when that X-Files episode aired, too.

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