" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 21, 2020

Books and Superstitions?

This Year of the Rat 2020 I bought a book written by Max Cryer called 'Superstitions and Why We Have Them' at a book sale.
Curing a "bad cold" with rats tails in 2020?!
The first superstition in the book is about the magic word?
I don't consider myself a very superstitious person, but I do take notice of meaningful coincidences in my life.
I bought two new Brisbane Lions jerseys this year, because I've only had the indigenous jersey (left in the photo) to wear to matches over the past few years (not that I'm indigenous myself in any way).
I was after the red Fitzroy Lions away jersey (right in the photo), so I could wear it when I attend away games from The Gabba, the home ground of the Lions, but that one was sold out the first time I tried to buy one, so I settled for the home maroon jersey as my second choice.
I wore that jersey to the semi-final against the Richmond Tigers and the Lions beat Richmond for the first time in eleven seasons.
Brisbane Lions v Richmond Tigers at The Gabba in 2020
When I got home and I was taking my new jersey off I thought to myself that it turned out to be a lucky jersey considering the run of luck the team has had when I wore my indigenous jersey to major games.
I wore my indigenous jersey to the MCG in 2016 when I went to see the Lions play Richmond ... and we lost.
Shamanism and Footy?
My view at the MCG on June 25th, 2016
I wore it to the women's AFLW final at the Gold Coast ...and we lost.
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
I wore it to The Gabba when we played North Melbourne and were trying to avoid getting the wooden spoon and finishing last on the table for the season ... and we lost.
I wore it to the last two Lions games ... and we lost both -
Bad Omens: The Final Finals Conflict ... For 2019?
Probably a good thing that
I never wore that t-shirt to a game:-)
I wore it to the indigenous round clash with
St Kilda, and we ... won that game at least:-)
Me at the 2020 St Kilda game 
So I could see a bit of a pattern here between my old and new Lions jerseys, even though my new jersey had one win for one wearing.
So, not that I'm superstitious or anything like that, but I thought that it might be a good idea not to wear my indigenous jersey to the Geelong Cats vs Brisbane Lions preliminary final, and wear my new "lucky" Lions jersey instead, even though I had bought a Fitzroy Lions jersey that week, having found one hidden in the racks of the Lions Shop at The Gabba, when that size was meant to be sold out.
The shittiest view I have ever had at The Gabba:-(
And so much for my "lucky" new Lions jersey:-)
So the Lions couldn't jump the last hurdle and make it into the final, but I was lucky enough to get tickets to the first ever
AFL Grand Final to be held outside of Melbourne, and at my team's home ground in my hometown of Brisbane.
I've always wanted to go to an AFL Grand Final, but this year it came to me;-)
And I'll be wearing my new red Lions jersey on Saturday night and going for Geelong to beat Richmond and to rain on Barty's party;-)
Ash Barty selected for sold-out AFL grand final honour?
I guess we'll find out just how lucky that jersey turns out to be on the night, hey Ash?-)
Some of the books I'll be giving away soon
And on the subject of books and superstitions, I'm doing a second book give away and one of those books I'm giving away is Crowley's 'The Book of the Law' which advises the reader that it is wise to destroy the book once you have read it.
Dates with Destiny?
I don't believe in
Crowley's nonsense, and only bought the book as a reference book to have on the shelf, much like I have a few Bibles on the shelf as reference books.
I've read 'The Book of the Law' twice now and it was even funnier than the first time I read it.
I'm pretty sure that my Holy Guardian Angel/s could beat Crowley's HGA in a fight, so Crowley's lame threats at the end of his fairy-tale book don't worry me one bit.
I was considering flushing it down the toilet where it belongs, but I thought someone else might want a laugh out of it, too;-)
Pink Flamingos, Signs, Books and Synchromysticism?
I still have a book which contains 'The Book of the Law' in it anyway, so I don't need the original sitting on my shelf looking like I'm into Crowley's crap.
It's interesting to read about how deluded Crowley was, and while there is a baby in the bathwater in his works, most of it is just bathwater that he stole off others, I think.
I had to laugh though when I decided that I was going to give Crowley's book away and saw in my blog stats that someone had read an old post of mine about 'The Book of the Law' and there had been 42 views -

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