" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 22, 2021

Lion Dreaming?

'World Animal Dreaming' oracle cards
I was lounging in my living room Saturday afternoon dreaming of a Lions AFLW grand final win before heading off to the Gabba to see the Lions AFL side take on the Essendon Bombers that night with my son.
Lounging in my living room in Brisbane ...
... watching our girls win in Adelaide:-)
Brisbane Lions win historic first AFLW premiership
Brisbane Lions win historic first AFLW premiership
I didn't draw any 
'World Animal Dreaming' oracle cards on Saturday, but if I had have I'll bet the Lion card would have come up for me after reading about the meaning of the card in the deck's book.
That Adelaide Crows' mascot looks rather creepy to me:-)
It was great to see our girls get one back on the Adelaide Crows and spoil the party in their own backyard, like they did to us back in 2017:-)
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
I had to laugh when me and my son had caught the bus to the men's game that night and decided to grab ourselves a pizza and garlic bread at 'Superfly Pizza' near the Gabba stadium and spotted a rabbit sculpture on the concrete slab we were sitting on across from the pizza restaurant, while we were waiting for our order and listening to the Wests Tigers/Rabbitohs NRL game that was being played in Sydney at the time.
The weather was looking good when we caught the bus in to the stadium, but turned nasty quickly, and as we were eating our pizza the heavens opened.
I had no idea where we were sitting on the night, apart from somewhere behind the goals at the western end, because my son had bought the tickets for that night.
And as luck would have it he had bought Row J tickets.
Row K was pretty dry just being undercover by the grandstand roof, but Row J was getting the full force of the wet weather that was showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.
So we had to buy ourselves some $5 rain ponchos as the game was starting.
And we were sitting in among the Bombers supporters to boot:-(
Luckily for us the Bombers "supporters" didn't have much to cheer about all night, and the "supporters" around us had just about all left the grounds by 3/4 time.
The Essendon supporters who stayed until the end of the match I salute you all, because you guys are the club's backbone.
Pat yourselves on the back, because you guys are the ones the game is all about, not those fair weather friends who catch the early bus home because they won't be singing the club song at the end of the match.
The Essendon supporters you see in the last two photos are the real Essendon supporters.
Lions thumped Essendon by 57 points at The Gabba:-)
‘Horrific’ AFL ANZAC guernsey clash slammed
And this weekend  I'll be going for 'The Bombers' to beat the Magpies in the annual ANZAC Day game clash ... just like most of Australia's AFL/W supporters will be;-)

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