" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 16, 2021

CRIKEY, the Crocodile Hunter is Really a Tiger Queen ... slander?

Queen ... slander?-)
This year might have been a part of the 50 year anniversary celebrations for
Australia Zoo, but next year would have been
Steve Irwin's 60th birthday celebrations, if he was still alive (although I guess it still is whether he is dead or alive) and I found out just recently that Steve was born in the Year of the Water Tiger.
JMO Confidential Podcast: Terri And Robert Irwi‪n
And since the Chinese zodiac takes 60 years to run through the elemental animal signs, next year will also be the
Year of the Water Tiger.
So I wonder if this in some roundabout way makes Steve Australia's Tiger King?-)
A bit early for a Queensland newspaper to be featuring water tigers?-) 
I wrote about putting a $2 coin into a gumball machine outside a Chinese supermarket and getting a tiger as my surprise in a post about buying my Chinese wall calendar at the beginning of the year -
Chipping Away at Time on the Strange Planet I Will Never Understand?
I wanted either a crocodile or elephant, anything other than a bloody tiger.  
The funny thing was that when I was putting my $2 coin in the gumball machine, I was thinking of the surprise gift I once got at a petrol station that turned out to be a crocodile, which I took as a sign to visit Australia Zoo, and I was thinking as I was rolling the handle on the gumball machine, does this mean if I get the crocodile I have to visit Australia Zoo again, because I didn't get to visit Bindi's Island on the day that I was there?-)  -
Born in the Year of the Tiger?
But as I found out this week, it also turns out that Bindi was born in the Year of the Tiger, but she was born in 1998, the
So, does that make Bindi the Tiger Queen ... slander I wonder?-)
Ironically, the day I was up at Australia Zoo on Bindi's wedding day (not that I had a clue that she was being married there that day ... DOH!) the tiger trainers put on a show for 5 of us paying customers.
All shows were cancelled that day because of Covid restrictions, but because the trainers had to feed the tigers anyway and they were behind a glass wall, the tiger trainers put on a show for us just before closing time.
The Tigers were the last part of the zoo I visited before leaving the zoo and heading home.
Guess Where I Was Today?
The tiger trainers did put on a show for 5 of us paying customers at the end of the day
And as I was nearly home from my drive to the zoo that day, a news bulletin came on the radio saying that Bindi was getting married at Australia Zoo right at that moment, which really was jaw-dropping news to me that day.
This year is also the 20th anniversary of
Steve starting his movie career, with his first official movie appearance being in 'Dr. Dolittle 2' according to his IMDB site.
I was also surprised to see that Steve's last movie was voicing a character named Trev in what would look like the seemingly cursed movie 'Happy Feet' -
The Oz/RaINBOw Synchromystic Connection?


  1. Thank you for confirming a Tigers NRL/AFL double in next years Year of the Tiger. Will there be a sequel to Netflix’s Tiger King?

  2. Ha, in your dreams Spartan.
    The 'Year of the Tiger' will probably just see the Sharks and Lions going "back to back" on their way to a 3Peat;-)
    And Re: "Will there be a sequel to Netflix’s Tiger King?"
    He is in jail still, so maybe they'll make a show called 'Orange and Black is the New Orange" :-P