" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 3, 2021

Aliens & Artists and For Whom the BULL Tolls?-)

The Baptism of Christ?
Aliens & Artists : Gordon White Part One (23 hours ago?)
The Mysterious Universe Mug
I listened to Part One of Gordon White's Artists & Aliens appearance last night when it dropped on my iPad and once more this morning, and f#cked if I can make head or tail out of half of the stuff Gordo is on about:-)
Alien: Covenant = "Space Lucifer"
I'm not so sure Gordon really knows himself what he is on about at times:-)
But it's all food for thought, even if it's just nutritiously empty thought food like snacking on a mental donut;-)
I like how Gordon tells Stuart that when he was a kid growing up in Newcastle, Australia how him and his mates went out in the bush and performed a ritual from a book that had a typo in it, and instead of doing the ritual facing the BULL they thought they had to face the BELL:-)
Ding, ding? 
And on the subject of
bull, Bells and spirit of place, the Bell's Beach surfing event has been moved to Newcastle for the first time ever because of Covid:-)
And the Newcastle Knights take on the St.George/Illawarra Dragons Easter Sunday in Newcastle in the NRL, as well.
This Podcast episode must have been recorded around 6 months ago, as Gordon says in the podcast that it is spring over here, but right now in Australia it is Fall/Autumn, not Spring.
Time for another Hot Cross Bun I think, as donuts mean nothing at Easter;-)
Good Friday and Hot Cross Buns?
When I was preparing my dinner last night and listening to Gordo on As&As, I reached over to hit the back 15 seconds button on my iPad to hear what Gordo had to say again, as I was squeezing chili sauce into my bowl, and I half missed the bowl and hit the bench-top.
And this was just after I had watched on my iPad the Rabbitohs smash the Bulldogs in the Good Friday NRL match.
And I couldn't help thinking the spill looked like a red rabbit or
a red V:-)
The Dragons are also known as "the Red V" and I was born in the Year of the Dragon like Russell Crowe was, so I'd have to tip the Dragons over Newcastle on Easter Sunday now:-)    

I must be a subliminal artist ... or alien, hey?-)
The Devil Made Me Do It?-)
And no, a mythical figure did not make me do it Fundies:-)  
93: The Signs in the Stars?

UPDATE: This link below will take you to a post I wrote after hearing part 2 of the 'Aliens & Artists' podcast featuring Gordon White -
House Protection ... Aliens & Artists and For Whom the BULL Tolls: Part 2?-)


  1. I like Gordo actually, his philosophical rants and profound analysis of Eisenstein are rather good. Chaos Protocols is well worth a read.

    Excellent syncs again Dazzle, forgot that Bells moved to Newcastle.

    Interesting you bought up donuts as Krispy Kreme’s are offering free donuts for those that get the vaxx. If you do get the chance watch a relatively ok film on Prime called ‘Palm Springs’ sort of a diet Groundhog Day about Time Loops.

    Off to watch my teams clash at the local. Go Tigers (and Swannies) and I’ll have a gander at the Sharks game, which should be an easy win for your mob.

    Don’t forget the Bulldogs destroyed the Roos last night so it makes up for their namesake in the league.

    1. The Lions play the Bulldogs in Ballarat next round.

  2. I like Gordo too Spartan, but it doesn't mean that I agree with everything he says, although he is right about Eric's loopy theory I think :-)
    I like listening to him rave on too, but I take it all with a pinch of salt ... and eye of newt :-)
    I have read the Chaos Protocols a while back, but I'm not into Chaos Magick that much.
    I'm gonna read it one more time and then maybe pass it on to someone who is more into this stuff than I am.
    Unless I have an epiphany while reading it a second time.
    To me everything is magic, or nothing is.
    I call it "LIFE" and no one can out magick The Great Magician when it comes to "LIFE" I reckon ;-)
    And no, I'm not talking about some mythical Jesus figure there either.

    1. Agreed; though I treat magick (life) as an intellectual pursuit with varying results, though when trying the esoteric route it’s thrown up some perplexing and paradoxical conundrums, especially the language of the syncs (Sphinx?)

    2. Let's be Frank when it comes to Chaos Magick and trivial intellectual pursuits Spartan ... That's LIFE! ;-)

    3. So Frank Sinatra was right...

  3. Oh, and for those who were wondering, the Dragons beat the Newcastle Knights Twinty-Twin [22] (as Chris Knowles at 'The Secret Sun' blog would probably say;-) to 13 :-)

    1. Or ...The feathered serpents destroyed the knights templars ...using rabbit-hole conspiracy theories