" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 7, 2021

The Myths and Misinformation Surrounding the Song 'Maggie'?

It sounds like a man in the autumn of his life, recalling, perhaps, his courtship many decades earlier. In fact, George Washington Johnson was just 24.
Uploaded on April 6th on Merle Haggard's birthday?-) 
I wrote a post yesterday on Merle Haggard's birthday about
Troy Cassar-Daley and me reading his book over the Easter weekend, which featured a bit of a ramble by me in that post about the song 'Maggie' -
I Wish I Was A Train ... But Not on the Day That Jesus Died?
When You and I Were Young, Maggie
Troy writes in his book 'Things That I Carry Around' about how 'Maggie' was the first song he ever had to sing in front of a live audience when he was a young boy.
I always thought 'Maggie' was a sweet Irish ballad, until I was doing some research yesterday for my post I was writing about reading Troy's book when reading about the song 'Maggie' at Wikipedia.
But I found out the song was actually a Canadian story inspired by the short life of Margret Clark and credited to
James Austin Butterfield for taking the poem Maggie's husband had written and turning it into a song inspired by the poem.
I almost went to see a 'Foster and Allen' concert in 2016 at the Hobart casino, because of how much I liked hearing them sing that song on my parents radio when I was living at home.
I'll bet that
F&A song above called 'A Deck of Cards' was played in their Hobart Casino gig?-)
Misinformation about James Austin Butterfield on the same page
But Wikipedia can be a rather unreliable source of information sometimes, as I found out when I was trying to find out just when James Austin Butterfield was born and died.
An example of Wikipedia misinformation?
I thought that I was on to some personal synchromysticism yesterday when I saw that Butterfield died on my father's birthday of April 8th, but on the same Wikipedia page it also states that Butterfield died on July 6th
And it also states that Butterfield was born on
Troy's birthday of May 18th, while at the same time stating that Butterfield was born on May 2nd?  
But then I found a
'Find A Grave' site that gave another two totally different dates for JAB's birth and death.
I guess you learn something new everyday ... that may or may not be true?-) 
I gave my mother Troy's book to read yesterday, as she is a bit of a 4KQ Radio listener and she told me that she thought they mentioned it being Laurel's (Troy's wife) birthday yesterday?
I thought wouldn't that be a coincidence if that were true, because April 6th was the day Troy's hero Merle Haggard was born and passed away on?
But I couldn't find anywhere on the internet where
Laurel's birth-date is mentioned, so probably just more misinformation from my mother's faulty hearing and not listening properly?
WHAT'S NEW October 7, 2016
Well, happy birthday Laurel for whenever it is this year:-)
Chris Mackey might find it interesting that Laurel was born in 1966 and married Troy in 1996 though?-)
Chris Mackey: The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity?


  1. You did it again! Unfamiliar with the Oz country scene, and you introduce me to Troy Cassar- Daley, whose " Things I Carry Around" should damn well be on our CMT or " country stations"! Of course, he HAS to bear some similarity to Tom T.Hall in looks! And listening to " Maggie", which brings to mind Merle Haggards wonderful " Green Green Grass of Home"! I cannot thank you enough for hooking me on to Daniel Johnston, by the,how much of a fan base does Gram Parsons have in your beautiful country?

  2. Here's Troy's website Dan, which lists all his albums, so you might like to drop him a note like you did in the comment above, as I'm sure it would mean a lot to him -

    And this is his You Tube channel where you can listen to his albums -

    I don't really know much about any fan bases in this country Dan, but I'm sure that there would be a Gram Parsons fan base here somewhere.

  3. I’m sure Tim Rogers organised a tribute to Gram Parsons and Flying Burrito Bros a decade or so ago.

    But Dazzle is it me or does Daryl Braithwaite look like Ray Hadley somewhat?

    Also if Butterfield lived and died three times can we assume we live in parallel universes?

  4. I met Tim Rogers down in Byron Bay at the Writer's Festival when he was hanging around Bernard Fanning (or vice versa), which was the same year Ray's son got busted for drugs.
    There's a post on here somewhere with pics.
    Bernie played a few songs on his acoustic guitar and signed an LP for me.
    That was the only time I've seen Bernard play a live gig.
    I think it was more of a case of Butterfield living and dying once, and Wikipedia living and dying twice there Spartan :-)