" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 6, 2021

I Wish I Was A Train ... But Not on the Day That Jesus Died?

At least 50 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a train carrying nearly 500 crashed and then derailed in a tunnel in Taiwan on Friday.
I wrote a post about buying Troy Cassar-Daley's book
Things I Carry Around' at Australia Zoo last year on the day that Bindi Irwin got married -
John Edward at Australia Zoo?
Then I saw last week in the news that
Bindi's daughter was born on her wedding anniversary, and thought what are the odds of that happening? -
Can you spot Troy Cassar-Daley's name on the 2021 Bluesfest poster?
I also read about Troy being excited to be playing a big live event over Easter, and how he had been channeling his grief and frustration from his father's recent death and the corona-virus shutdown into his songwriting.
Easter Sunday, Bridges, Rivers and Meta4s?-)
That was the first time I had heard the sad news about Troy's father taking his own life after suffering a couple of stokes, and I realized that I still had Troy's book sitting on my filing cabinet and hadn't started reading it yet.
So I thought this was all a sign that I should read it over the Easter weekend and listen to some of his music that I hadn't yet heard on You Tube.
The first time I ever saw Troy play live was about 7 years ago at Bluesfest -
My Easter Sunday at Bluesfest 2014
Troy Cassar-Daley playing his golden guitar at the 2014 Bluesfest
I had bought Troy's book at Australia Zoo last year because I had run into him in 2018 at a movie screening of Simon Baker's film 'Breath' in Brisbane -
The Six Degrees and Synchromysticism of Simon Baker?
Unfortunately for Troy Bluesfest was cancelled the day before
Happy 2021 April Fool's Day?
In Troy's book he writes of his love of trains while growing up with his mother working as a cook on the New South Wales coastal rail-line and how he wrote a song about wishing that he was a train.
I hadn't heard this song before until last Friday when I searched for the song on You Tube.
The lyrics of the first verse -
When I was a little boy I used to lie in my bed
And listen for the '9: 09'
It never ran on Christmas or the day that Jesus died
But every other day it ran on time
It always made me lonesome but it brought me comfort
And what it did to me I can't explain
And as I wonder through this harsh and gentle world
Oh every now and then I wish I was a train

grabbed my attention, because I had just seen the news about a train derailment in Taiwan on Good Friday.
Troy also writes about supporting his childhood hero
Merle Haggard when Merle toured Australia and how Merle loved trains so much that he caught the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth instead of flying across.
That's five years ago from today, by the way, and I had listened to a podcast featuring Chris Mackey yesterday taking about the number 6 being something he pays attention to now -
Looking Through Glasses?
I'm like Chris Mackey, I consider myself "spiritual, not religious" and while I get why people need a Jesus figure in their life to point the way, to me Jesus is an archetypal mythical figure, like the devil.
I don't believe the dogma religion spins about only "true believers" go to heaven and the rest go to hell.
To me every living thing is of God and can't be lost to God, and I can't buy into the belief of religious clubs who fight over who's in and who's out of their exclusive club.
Everybody wants to tell you what they think the elephant (God) in the room is, don't they? 
On the subject of rooms, Troy relates how on the last night of Merle's Australian tour how Merle invited him and some of his band for a jam in Merle's Hobart Wrest Point Casino room, the venue they had played the last show of the tour in.
Troy also wrote in his book that the first song he ever sung on stage as a young boy was the song 'Maggie'. 
I found all of this personally synchromystical, as when I stayed at the
Hobart Casino in 2016 Foster and Allen were playing in the Casino's auditorium and I tossed up whether I should fork out a ticket to see them, or go into Hobart city for the 
Dark Mofo Winter Feast.
Dark Mofo Winter Feast 2016
Dark Mofo Winter Feast 2016
The only song of their's I wanted to hear was 'Maggie' and since I was going to another show in the Casino the next night anyway, I chose the Winter Feast.
The APIA Tour: Rules Are Made to Be Broken... or, What Would Jesus Do?-)
It's a funny old world ... sometimes

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