" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 14, 2021

Being conscious of Consciousness?

A 2011 Interview with Richard Matheson
"I'm a disbeliever in genre... I think there should just be stories." Richard Matheson
Thinking & Destiny: Being the Science of Man by Harold W. Percival
I've not read the book 'Thinking & Destiny' yet, but I'm intrigued as to why Richard Matheson thought so much of it when he refers to the book in a 2011 podcast interview about the body (pardon the pun:-) of his work at 'The Agony Column' website.
Where Did Richard Matheson and the Road Go?
I have only read one book by Richard Matheson, and that was
'I Am Legend', but I did watch the 1999 film version of his book
'A Stir of Echoes' starring Kevin Bacon called 'Stir of Echoes' and found the idea of being cracked open from being put under in a hypnosis party trick rather thought provoking as to just what consciousness and "the real world" really is:-)
Richard Matheson – I Am Legend – The Novel vs The Movies?
A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson
I wondered just what the differences were between the film and book versions, but I really don't want another book to read at the moment, so I did an Apple Podcast search for "Stir of Echoes" and only found a couple of podcasts worthy of a listen to for the differences between the book and the film.
One was a couple of Satanists just about creaming their pants over a movie that I thought was OK, but not that great. 
But then again what would you expect from a couple Satanists anyway?
I also found a great podcast show called 'This Film is Lit ...' where they discuss the book/film differences.  
'This Film is LIT ...erature' podcast
BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11?
Just screen memories and food for thought?
And watching the movie
'Stir of Echoes' with its use of the
baby monitor made me think of a recent post I wrote about
Whitley Strieber's obsession with walkie-talkies -
Can Contact Be Initiated with a Radio?
And if you happen to watch the movie 
'Sound of Metal', then bear the ending of that film and this consciousness post in mind, and give it some thought ... or not;-)

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