" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 17, 2021

Not a Good Sign for Prince Harry?

Boy attacked by dingo on Fraser Island?
From the Australian Queensland Courier Mail newspaper
Something Smells Fishy Under the Sun?


  1. Would be good to get Chris Knowles take on the dingo attack on Elizabeth ‘Cocteau Twins’ Fraser’s island. What’s the Forth Bridge connection? Is that an esoteric gateway bridge of sorts?

  2. Chris probably wouldn't even know what a dingo was Spartan:-)
    Most Americans are just drongos when it comes to knowing anything past their own shoreline;-)

  3. We Murkins do too know about dingoes! And shrimp on the barbie, and Crocodile hunter!
    But I have no idea what a drongo is haha!
    Best wishes to you, mate.

    1. I was expecting Chris to take the bait on that one, if he ever read this post Delorus.

      This definition for the word drongo is pretty right Delorus -
      The word drongo is used in Australian English as a mild form of insult meaning "idiot" or "stupid fellow".
      This usage derives from an Australian racehorse of the same name (apparently after the spangled drongo, Dicrurus bracteatus) in the 1920s that never won despite many places.
      We actually don't use the word shrimp over here in Oz, we call them prawns.
      Shrimp was only used in those Paul Hogan travel adverts, because it was feared Americans wouldn't know what prawns were.
      And nobody I know in Australia ever throws a "shrimp on the barbie", it's usually steaks and sausages at all the BBQs I've been to.
      So Paul Hogan has a lot to answer for, spreading all of that BS to America about Australia Delorus.
      He seems like a bit of a dingo to me:-)

    2. We do eat a lot of prawns at get togethers over here Delorus, but they have usually been pre-cooked and put in the fridge.
      We just pull their heads and tails off, peel them and eat them cold.

    3. Can confirm... though I shove a skewer between a few and lightly bbq them on the grill and bathe them in marinade. Shrimp can also refer to the height of a rover in the Australian ritual know as AFL.

    4. You'd probably be into eating Tiger prawns, too Spartan, I would imagine;-)

  4. Thanks for the drongo definition, I am no longer a drongo about drongo!
    We say prawns too but they are more likely to be called prawns in the pricier establishments.
    Thanks for your thoughts and observations, friend!

    1. No worries Delorus.
      Funny thing is I just had prawns in chili sauce for dinner tonight from a local Chinese takeaway restaurant:-)