" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 11, 2021

Something Smells Fishy Under the Sun?

The Secret Sun: Something Smells Fishy with the Royal $cam?
The Queensland March 9th newspaper
I've been sitting on writing this post since
March 12th, 2021 after reading Chris Knowles' 'The Secret Sun' post 'Something Smells Fishy with the Royal Scam', not because I agree with everything in what Chris has written in that post, but because I need closure ... as in closure of all of the windows on my computer screen of sites I have left open since then while gathering material relevant to the post that I felt I had to write stemming from Chris' Secret Sun post.
Bitchin' About Pop Culture and 'The Witches'?
The Queensland March 8th, 2021 Courier Mail Newspaper
When I read this above piece from the Secret Sun post about Meghan watching 'The Little Mermaid' I couldn't help but think of Princess Di in the Netflix series 'The Crown' watching the children's TV show Bagpuss in her room and coming to a similar conclusion about her life, and I would bet my bottom dollar that Meghan has watched the same Crown series, too -
The Queensland March 9th, 2021 newspaper
Scenes from 'The Crown'
I recently listened to the above podcast where Jocko and Tim Ferriss dissect the book MUSASHI and at about the 3 hour mark of the podcast Jocko gives the very profound ending of that book away.  
Without me giving that ending away too, it has something to do with an observation of Musashi of small fish swimming in the sea under his boat and then contemplating on the depths of the ocean we "small fish" are all swimming in:-)
NEMO is OMEN spelled backwards?-)
I probably would not have taken any more notice of
Chris Knowles'amusing rant (which is still the way I see his post) if it wasn't for a few things turning up in the synchromystical surroundings that I have been swimming in, too.
Michele Bootes was swimming with a friend when a shark attacked her in shallow water at a Merimbula beach
When I saw that a woman named Michelle BOOTES had survived a shark attack in the New South Wales town of Merimbula my JAW[S] hit the floor.
'Merimbula Nightlights' by Kathryn Hede
I have a fridge magnet painting of the town of Merimbula I bought when I visited the town in 2016, when I stayed in the town of Eden for a couple of days on my way from Melbourne to The Gong -
Panboola: Not Just for the Birds
Most of the magnets now on my fridge are magnets I picked up on my travels in 2016.
Independence Day Came a Little Earlier This Year it Looks Like;-)
Even the painting of a kingfisher which hangs on m kitchen wall came about from my drive from Eden to Merimbula and back that day in 2016:-)
Eden: The Unintended Garden
The Secret Sun: Something Smells Fishy with the Royal $cam
A story inside the Queensland March 5th, 2021 newspaper:-)
The front page of the Queensland March 5th, 2021 newspaper
A story inside the Queensland March 5th, 2021 newspaper:-(
The Box Jellyfish death happened in Queensland ... where else would it happen?
The Secret Sun: Something Smells Fishy with the Royal $cam
I will agree with Chris on point #1 of his 3 points above from his Secret Sun (:-)) post, as blind Charlie can see Harry ain't Charlie's boy I reckon.
The Secret Sun: Something Smells Fishy with the Royal $cam
And while I think the Beard Club Chris keeps highlighting in his post is bats-hit crazy, apart from the fact that Randy Andy is as guilty as sin, let's not forget just where that not so young girl now, pictured with Andy above, now lives.
Hint: see the map of Queensland in that Box Jellyfish newspaper story above;-)
Keep swimming Chris, but ...
The Queensland March 9th, 2021 newspaper
UPDATE: April 12th, 2021

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