" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 17, 2021

What is it with the TIGERS?!

I wrote a recent post about the spider card from Scott Alexander [Tiger?-] King's 'World Animal Dreaming' oracle cards, mentioning the Golden Orb-weaving Spider, which has since disappeared from my backyard - 
Healing with Spider Dreaming?
The spider card featured in that spider card post I didn't pull randomly from the oracle deck, I just saw it in the deck when I was looking through the animals in the deck and took it out to photograph it and to write the post.
So last Sunday when I was sitting in my living room waiting for the West-Tigers/North Queensland Cowboys game to start on TV I thought I should shuffle the deck and draw a card hoping I would either draw the spider, elephant or my totem animal card, the crow.
But I drew the Tiger card instead.
At first I thought, not the bloody tiger again, what is it with tigers (an animal I'm getting sick of seeing pop up in my life to be honest)?
But then I thought hang on, the West-Tigers Magpies are playing the North Queensland Cowboys on my TV in a minute, so maybe this means the Tigers will win this match for Tommy Raudonikis who passed away aged 70 on Russell Crowe's birthday of April 7th, from cancer mid-week.
Russell Crowe to Star in the Next Thor Movie?
But no, the
Tigers lost.
I thought it was an entertaining match, unlike some so called Tigers "supporters" who were apparently booing their team off at half-time and were most likely the same so called Tigers "supporters" who left the game early when their team looked like they weren't going to win. 
All clubs
(even my Sharks and Lions) have a minority of so called "supporters" like those who only want to be seen as winners, and to those "supporters" I say "f#ck you pricks" and stay home where you belong, because you are a disgrace to any club's real supporter base.
The game was meant to be a celebration of Tommy's playing career and life, and it disgusted me to see empty seats at the end of the game that were full during the game (until about 10-15 minutes from the end of the game anyway).
When the going gets tough the real supporters stay ... not get going.
For the Tiger fans who stayed on, give yourselves a pat on the back, because you are the real supporters of that club.
And today's Tigers game won't be any easier when the Tiges take on Troy Cassar-Daley's & Rusty's Rabbits at the
Sydney Olympic Stadium.
Thinkin About Drinkin ... Cold Southern Comfort?
Oddly enough, I've got tickets to see my Sharkies play the Rabbitohs in my hometown for the Magic Round weekend in May, and I'll cheering my Sharkies on win, lose or draw ... even if we are getting flogged at half time and for the rest of the game.
Scott John Morrison
Rugby League and LIFE are funny old games and I often wonder just who the real supporters of the game are when the dust settles, and just how many of those so called "supporters" will still be there cheering the club on when the team are doing it tough and you don't need the support of the supporters votes anymore, right Scotty?-)
I sure wouldn't consider Tigers being associated with cowardice, but who am I to question the cards that life deals me?-)
Yep, LIFE sure is a funny old game, I reckon ... and it can hurt to play it, too:-)
Former Liberal leader Andrew Peacock dies aged 82?
Who knows what's in the cards for us, I guess?-)
CRIKEY, the Crocodile Hunter is Really a Tiger Queen ... slander?

UPDATE: April 18th, 2021
What a difference a week makes in football, hey?-)


  1. Great Sync Dazzle. Though we were robbed both weeks, (I believe the video refs had one too many comforts)

    I wasn’t at the ‘Raudonikis’ game - was at the Sydney FC the night before, the Mrs wouldn’t allow me out two nights in a row - did manage to take the Mrs out to the local for both games, cleverly disguising it as a ‘date night’ in front of the pubs TV at the exact same time the Tigers were playing. I called that a sync. Obviously the Mrs was ecstatic with my thoughtful romantic initiative.

    Had the barramundi in honour of the Sharks come from behind loss to the Knights.

    However Richmonds 3-peat is still on thanks to your Tiger Syncs.

  2. I just finished watching that Amazon Prime Covid 19 AFL series 'Making Their Mark' or as I like to call it "The Nic-Nac Show", and what a bore it was most of the time.
    You'd probably like it though, as Richmond is one of the teams they follow around all season.
    There was f#ck all Lions appearances in it, even though we should have that 2020 trophy in our trophy room right now, if luck had have gone our way like it did for the Tigers;-)

    1. I won’t bother with that ‘Making their Mark’ I know how it ends...😂