" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 18, 2021

My Gordon White Library of Books?

Gordon White Library Mackay, Queensland, Australia
I was sorting through my Gordon White books in my bookshelf wondering if  I was ever going to read them again in the future and if I should pass them on for other book readers to read?
I only have two now, because I gave 'Pieces of 8' away a while back, because while it was interesting to read, it just wasn't my cup of tea.
I've decided 'Star.Ships' looks too good sitting in my bookcase in an artistic sense to give away, whether or not I'll ever read it again, and 'The Chaos Protocols' I did read when I got it, but don't remember much about reading it now, so I've decided to read it again, before maybe passing it on to another reader.
Funny thing was I was searching for some podcasts where Gordon discusses why he wrote 'The Chaos Protocols' and up pops a link to 'The Gordon White Library' in my home state of Queensland:-)
Scone and jams before talking scams?
Gordon White - House of the Dragon - 70,000 Years Ago - Hypersonic Mushrooms & Chaos Protocols
Even though I've lived in Queensland for most of my life, I have never been much further north than the Sunshine Coast, which is nowhere near as north as Mackay is.  
The Gordon White Library is in Phillip Street, Mount Pleasant(:-)), and if you have read my last post, you will see the name Phillip means "horse-lover" -
Prince Philip on What Should Be Done About "Overpopulation"?
And listening to Gordon's latest podcast chat with Siv Watkins, which dropped onto my iPad as I was writing up and researching this post, it's clear at the end of this chat that Siv is a lover of horses, too:-)
So maybe the spirits are telling me that I should go for a drive up to Mackay and check out this library and Mackay for myself?-)
Where Did Richard Matheson and the Road Go?
Oh, and I used to own a copy of 'On the Beach', the book Siv talks about reading in that latest 'Rune Soup' podcast, but it went to a book exchange on one of my last two trips to Bribie Island.
Was 'On The Beach' Cursed in Hindsight?

UPDATE: April 20th,2021
With all the talk about chicken giblets in the latest
'Rune Soup' podcast in the post above, I thought it was funny how the next podcast I listened to also mentioned chickens in a rather random way, too -
The Lucid Cafe Podcast: Lymphatic Health (& Chickens) with Hannah Rohloff


  1. Interesting sync, are you on Gordon’s rune soup telegram page? Furtherest I’ve been is Noosa, where I had my palm read and numerology done. She was spot on about water and me not being friends, as I nearly drowned on the trip. Moral of the story, don’t swim on those back beaches especially if you can’t swim.

  2. No Spartan, I'm not on Gordon's Rune Soup telegram page, but I do check his blog posts out from time to time and I do subscribe to his 'Rune Soup' podcast on my Apple Podcast list to listen to the interesting guests he has on it ... well at the moment anyway, as I have a tendency to give podcasts I get bored with the flick and look for new ones when I grow tied of them.
    So far Gordon's podcast hasn't been flicked off the list.
    And of course I've read his 3 books, one of which I'm re-reading at the moment (The Chaos Protocols).
    I like to read what Gordon's into, as far as his spiritual practices and perspectives go, but I'm not into all of that grimoire/book of spells clap trap that he is into.
    To me real magic is life and flowing with it, not asking some f#ckwit demon or saint for personal favours when you can just cut out the middle demon/saint and ask the boss for a favour if you are deemed worthy of such a favour that is;-)
    But hey, whatever gets you through the night, as one of my personal favourite dead people used to sing:-)

  3. As far as deep water goes, I nearly drowned in waters off the Gold Coast when I got caught in a rip in my late teens.
    When I thought I was a gonna I "prayed" to the higher power to get me back to the beach and promised if I did I would never swim out in deep water again, and somehow I found enough strength to swim my way out of it (which is what you ain't supposed to do I have since learned).
    And just to test me on my promise in a Trickster kind of way, as soon as I hit the sand deeply exhausted, I turn around hearing a cry for help, and it was a girl from our group who must have been swimming out there, unbeknownst to me.
    So I went back in and pulled her out of the water, all the time thinking that it would be the death of me.
    Luckily I was playing football and at the peak of my fitness back then, as I needed every ounce of fitness to make it back to land.
    I have never swum in deep water since ... although it's not so much the water that scares me, it's those bloody sharks out there that f#ck with my mind and keep me out:-)

  4. At least you can swim...and you saved a life. With the amount of seafood I eat you’d think I’d swim like Dawn Fraser, if I was a fish I’d drown.

    As for those grimoires, the person performing the ritual is the middle man or woman or non-binary...nobody comes out alive as the Ancient Greek philosopher, Jim Morrison once said.