" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 14, 2019

Vegan Curious?

While I have been following a mainly plant based diet for over two years now, with the exception of fish and seafood now and again, I'm not a Vegan and don't agree with some of their beliefs/fantasies about the animal kingdom and nature.
I'm certainly not against the Vegan philosophy, but neither am I for it.
Seeing this guy above doing a counter-Vegan protest in front of a group of militant Vegans I found rather amusing, even though I find KFC a blight on the healthy eating landscape and would avoid eating that shit myself even if I went back to eating chicken on a regular basis.
The Irony of Veganism and Eating Animals?
Is veganism the optimal diet for health?
I like ex-Olympian Stephanie Rice's philosophy about not forcing your diet philosophies down other people's throats like the militant Vegan's do.
Stephanie Rice milk?-)
My current blood pressure reading
I gave up eating meat (except fish and seafood) and dairy around two years ago, and gave up eating whole eggs about 4 months ago and my blood pressure has gone from around 145/90 to 120/74 in those two years and I don't even make an effort to exercise at all, plus I still drink alcohol a fair bit.
And I'm over 50 years old, so the health benefits of a mainly plant based and pretty much meat and dairy free diet does seem to speak for itself.
So while I follow a mostly Vegan diet, I try never to use the V word when trying to explain my food choices to others, because I'm not and never (never say never they say, right?-) will be a Vegan in my lifetime, as I am far from the Vegan lifestyle in my beliefs.
I try to let people know that I follow a plant based dairy-free diet if I go to eat out somewhere, without using the V word.
And I think people shouldn't confuse the difference between someone who is (or identifies as) a Vegan and someone like me who doesn't want to be thought of, or as a identifying with Vegans and their philosophies.
I eat honey and wear leather and if I owned a cat or dog again I would be feeding them meat, so while I like to eat at Vegan restaurants and do have admiration for people who try to lead a Vegan lifestyle, I will never be one myself.
I was reading a 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine recently and saw an article about Russell Brand, which wasn't a bad article, but in his bio he said that he was "Vegan curious", which I found rather curious and somewhat comical, as it also stated that he has,
"... ten chickens and sixty thousand bees, in spite of being
Vegan curious"... WTF?
There was also an article in the same magazine about Thor Hanson and his book 'Buzz' about honey bees, which I found more relate-able when it came to my beliefs and diet.
I was reading a short story in Richard Bach's book 'A Gift of Wings' called 'Barnstorming Today' where he writes about visiting an American town around the late 1960s and comparing how much the town had changed since the days of the old airplane was made that he was flying around in and giving barnstorming rides to paying customers in that town.
I couldn't help think just how much that town would have changed since that short story was written if Richard was writing that story again today, especially that town's eating habits.
Richard writes about ordering hamburgers wrapped in thin white paper and drinking milkshakes, paying his bill (with cash only I presume) and writing that,
"with the end of the afternoon, the worlds change."
And boy has that world changed since then I thought.
"Flight Shame"2?
These days Vegans are barnstorming meat processing plants and dairy farms.
Burgers come in all kinds of varieties, including Vegan options.
And these days with so called "global warming" happening, even people who chose to take airplane journeys are being flight shamed in some countries by climate activists.
And even big food companies like Domino Pizza are selling Vegan pizzas.
My Vegan "ham and pineapple" pizza from Dominos 
We certainly are living in curious times I believe.
But I'm not a Vegan curious cat, even though I am interested in and curious about plants and trying to do right thing for the planet I live on:-)


  1. Hey i have not eaten meat for more than 35 years but them damm vegans are nothing but speciests, what about the millions of insects that are killed in their veg feilds. I heard this years ago when living in a "vegan community"

  2. You're right SpeedyT and wait until they discover that plants have feelings, too:-)

  3. Ha ha, found this just after i posted comment

  4. I used to have a Venus Fly Trap plant years ago and it was fascinating watching it feed on insects:-)
    The Venus Fly Trap died when I wouldn't let it eat any more insects and I placed it on a Vegan diet;-)
    I'm only kidding about the last part to make Vegans feel bad, but I wonder if Vegans stick a fly net over their Venus Fly Trap plants and try to convert them to a Vegan diet?-)