" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 13, 2019

August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?

The rainbow I saw over Logan on October 11th, 2019
Friday October 11th, 2019 was really one of those WTF(?) days for me where synchromysticism smashed me over the head with a metaphorical hammer.
The Joker Ignores His Wake Up Call (11:11)?
It's not quite the day after tomorrow over here, but close:-)
Early in the morning of October 11th, 2019 a 'Radio Misterioso' podcast hit my iPad on my Apple Podcast list, because I had ticked subscribe to the show from the week before when I stumbled across Jeff Kripal being interviewed by the host Greg Bishop:-)
I wrote a post once before about listening to Greg -
The Hunt for the Skinwalker and the How and Why We Don't Know Dick About the Phenomena
Bad Omens: The Final Finals Conflict ... For 2019?
Not that I'm a religious person, but I do like the idea of Communion.
Just seeing things or not?-)
Radio Misterioso Podcast: Whitley Strieber – A Life of Contact
Greg Bishop's latest guest was Whitley Strieber, which I found rather synchy as I've been trying to put a post together about Whitley's "visitors" looking pretty close to Spider-man in appearance and maybe why back in the 80s that face on the cover of Whitley's book 'Communion' looked kind of familiar to a kid like me who grew up watching Spider-man on Saturday morning TV in the 70s.
I guess now this post can be that post.
What is it About Manson and Dark Hollywood Synchronicities?
Stan Lee passed away on 
Charles Manson's birthday?!
Nicholas Hammond as Spider-man
I think it was Alan Green's '9/11 Spider-verse {Hindsight 2020}' video that got me thinking about all of the weird pop-cultural things from the 70s onward, like, Spider-man cartoons, Betty and Barney Hill's aliens being on my TV screen, 'Chariots of the Gods' , 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' , and on and on until Whitley's 'Communion' book and weird movie.
It's a deep rabbit hole for sure:-)
"The UFO Incident" (1975)
Note: it is said here that Betty is 42:-)
Surely Whitley wasn't oblivious to all of this pop-culture when he sat down to write 'Communion'?
Died August 11th?!
To me Whitley is a bit of an enigma, some of what he says resonates with me and some certainly doesn't.
I find Whitley is good when he gets out of his own way and stops trying to tell you what he thinks he knows of how the "afterlife" works.
It's like the "Visitors" are giving him the dots or jig-saw pieces, but he is trying to rationally join them together in his own mind and making a mess of the overall picture and confusing himself and others in the process.
Well, that's how I see Whitley and his stories anyway.
The weird thing though was as I'm listening to the podcast Whitley tells how his wife Anne passed away on August 11th, 2015 and then he goes on to talk about "rainbow bodies" and seeing rainbows.
And of course, all week since seeing the movie 'Joker' I've been writing about August 11 and 11:11s on clock faces.
And if hearing Dan Aykroyd and Jeff Kripal on podcasts the week before with the date of my father's passing of September 13th wasn't trippy enough, as I'm sitting at my dining table reading my book about the Regent Theatre, while also listening to Whitley talk about rainbows on the podcast, I was remembering how dad used to tell me how he used to sell newspapers as a boy in Queen Street during the war (WW2) not far away from the Regent Theatre.
I'd also not long ago watched Jake's new sync video called 'Miringle', where Jake has a clip of Spock showing that the most important piece on the chess board is the bishop, which made me smirk that I was listening to Greg Bishop interviewing Whitley who was talking about a phone call he received from someone named Belle just after Anne died (just watch Jake's video below).
Fantales and Synchromysticism in the Age of IMDB?
 Then as I'm sitting at the table, I get an urge to turn around and see how late it is getting and the clock is on 11:11am, so I picked up my phone and snapped the picture below. 
I was only saying the day before how I don't often notice 11:11 on clock faces and now here I was doing it again the very next day.
I started thinking that maybe my body clock knows when it is 11:11 and it alerts me to the time, but as I looked back at my phone and the clock in my living room, I found out that kitchen clock was running five minutes slow, so the real time was 11:16am, not 11:11am like the clock face was displaying when I got the urge to look.
This I found to be even creepier than usual when I notice 11:11 on a clock.
Then as I'm going out that afternoon to put my weekly lotto on and do some grocery shopping, I see a full rainbow appear in the direction I'm about to head.
But what is it?-)
Nicholas Hammond now lives over here in Australia and his last movie role was playing Sam Wanamaker in QT's 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood'.
Nicholas Hammond as Sam Wanamaker
Don't you just love synchromysticism and life?
I guess it all just depends on your point of view?-)
The Apophenia of Oz in 02019?

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