" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 5, 2019

Gillian Ross on 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' and Consciousness Vs Catastrophe?

A Buddha and a gas pump, now what better of an illustration could you have to represent consciousness verses catastrophe?
The You Tube above is the recorded interview of the live interview I watched and wrote about in this recent post of mine -
A Live Buddha at the Gas Pump?
I've been waiting for Rick to put this interview up so I could relate a synchronicity that happened to me the Sunday morning (Australian time) that I was listening to the live interview.
The spot I launched my old wedding ring into the ocean after my divorce a few years back:-)
While I have never met Gillian Ross (in this lifetime anyway;-) I am very familiar with the area she lives in, as it's like my second home away from home (I live in Logan City in Queensland) and I'm always down that way.
Gillian lives in the hinterland of Byron Bay, just outside on a town called Nimbin.
Nimbin makes Byron Bay look conservative when it comes to Hippy lifestyles.
But as fate/luck would have it I was reading the newspaper from the day before, which I had gotten from my mother Saturday night as mum gives me her old newspapers to read after she has read them, then I read them and throw them into my recycling bin when I'm finished with them.
That Saturday paper had a colour lift-out called the ' QWeekend' with a front page picture of the Cape Byron Lighthouse and the spot that I had thrown my wedding ring from after my divorce, which I wrote a post about here -
Love on the Rocks ... A Fool's Journey?
Cape Byron and the lighthouse on Australia's most easterly point of land
That was the most therapeutic thing I could have done at the time and I still have no regrets doing it to this day.
Ironically, Liam Hemsworth is only living down the road from where I threw my ring into the ocean and I would advise him to to make the journey to the lighthouse and do the same thing if he still has his old wedding ring.
Believe me Liam it will do you good to let that ring "slide" into the ocean for good.  
Miley and Liam are believed to have called it quits around June
You said that everything changed You’re right I’m grown now [?]
And for f#ck's sake Miley if the way you've been going on is what you call "grown up" then I hope that I never do "grow up".
Ironically this piece in the 'QWeekend' was about Liam's brother Chris and whether celebrity lifestyles like his were doing more harm then good to the area.
While I for one don't want to see Byron Bay turn into the next Gold Coast, I think people forget that Byron Bay was once literally a shit-hole with whales being slaughtered on the beaches last century and goat crap all over Cape Byron back in 1988 when I was walking out there the day after my wedding.
Times are always a changin' as Bob once sang in the 60s, but of course we want things to change for the better, not the worse.
Hmm ... "better or worse", those words have a familiar RING to them somewhere I think.
Rusty Miller at Byron with his 'Three Palms Board Co.' surf board
Three palms?-)
I'm not a surfer and with my fear of sharks I prefer to stay on the beach, but I like to watch (from the beach) surfers taking on the waves (and the sharks;-) and I like to hear surfers talk about the spiritual feelings they get from being out there.
Seeing Rusty Miller on the beach with his 'Three Palms Board Co.' surf board reminded me of a talk of his I attended back around 2013 -
Unknown Things?
Rusty Miller's Byron Bay Guide (click here to read it online)
I always pick up a copy of Rusty Miller's Byron Bay Guide when I'm down there.And as much as I would like to own a house down in the Byron area, I don't need one to know that Byron will always be my spiritual home away from home.
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