" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 10, 2022

Running Up That Hill to Wuthering Heights ... and Don’t Give Up?

Watching ‘Stranger Things’ season 4, which is set in 1986, it’s interesting that the 1985 Kate Bush hit ‘Running Up That Hill’ which was used in that season has run up the charts this year because of its use in the show.
I much preferred her 1986 hit single with Peter Gabriel Don’t Give Up’ which I liked as a few years before 1986 I seriously did try to give up, so that was one of my favourites back then ... and is still up there on my playlist today, not that I play it very often now.
As much as a red blooded heterosexual male growing up in the 70/80s could understand the appeal of Kate’s music clips back then (especially Babooshka:-), I’m amazed that the current “it generation” has taken to her music all of a sudden because of a hit Netflix series.
Couldn’t help noticing Max’s tracksuit in the ‘Stranger Things’ clip below ... SPOILER ALERT ... is very Ukrainian in colour scheme.
The Year of the Tiger and Other Stranger Synchromystic Things?
To 86 something is a slang term for getting rid of, or killing something, as well.
Shinzo Abe KILLed in the Year of the Tiger ... and on July 8th Among Other Stranger Synchromystic Things?
Oddly enough, Peter Gabriel just missed out by days from being born in the Year of the Tiger, but with the lunar nature of the Chinese zodiac start of the year being moveable on the calendar, his birthday this year actually took place in the Year of the Tiger.

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