" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 5, 2019

Using Your PGS ... or Maybe Even Your Internal Dash Cam?

I saw a screening of the wonderful film 'PGS: The Movie' in May and I bought the book Bill Bennett wrote after he made that film.
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 2)
The book is titled 'PGS: Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System' and in the book and the movie Bill uses the analogy of a car's GPS (I don't use one in my car) and own intuition being similar in the way it works.
My internal dash-cam view at the Byron Bay
 screening of 'PGS: The Movie'
I started reading the book last month (along with about 6 other books) and still am, but I had to laugh when I was reading the chapter titled 'Our Intuitive Instrument', where Bill puts forth his theory of the pineal gland/third eye being the bodies connection point to the intuitive source of information.
Not that I doubt his theory, it was just that he gave an example of a meditation he uses to envisage the third eye/pineal gland (see page below) and not being a very visual person myself when it comes to visualizing a meditation, I wondered just what that would look like.      
So happens a few nights after I was wondering about Bill's meditation, a meteorite was photographed over a dam in my hometown named North Pine(al?-) Dam.
Meteor lights up Queensland night sky leaving observers scared and amazed
I wonder if that was what Bill had in mind when it came to his meditation?
Bill also was selling his other book about walking the Camino and I probably would have bought it too if Bill's credit card app was working, but I only had enough spare change on me to buy the one book.
I didn't really want to read another book about someone walking the Camino anyway, since I had read Ailsa Piper's book and seen the movie 'The Way' and have no plans walking it in my lifetime, no matter how interesting it looks ... although I'm sure God could twist my arm if I had to walk it -
The Way To Byron Bay Via Spain
Maybe I should start taking those Spanish lessons just in case?-) 
The funny thing was that the local Byron Bay newspaper I had picked up to read about the 'Dreamland' play coming to Bangalow also had an advert about a new restaurant named the 'El Camino', which had just opened, and it was pretty much right across the road from where Bill had his film screening.
I had only spotted this in the paper a few days later when I was re-reading the paper before throwing it into the recycling bin.
I looked up the restaurant's website to see if there were photos of the place on its website and found out they play LoterΓ­a on Thursday nights -
LoterΓ­a/Life is a game of chance?
Well, at least they were playing it the week I looked at the 'What's On' page of their site, so I took this as a sign to buy a kindle version of Bill's book about his Camino walk, which I did and have so far read three chapters.
I see Bill is planning on turning his adventure into a motion picture, so that should be interesting.
I might check out the 'El Cimino' restaurant next time I'm down in Byron Bay, but the reviews don't look encouraging.
Although, I probably would only be stopping in for a drink by the looks of their online menu.

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  1. That Mexican place looks fun at least for a drink! As long as it doesn't come with a mariachi attack!