" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 25, 2019

The Synchronicity of Chasing Butterflies?

Back in August at the Byron Writers Festival I picked up a children's book and a magazine in the book tent because of a glass-winged butterfly that was featured in both of them.
I'm not really a butterfly person, as I have written before on this blog that I find moths more mysterious than butterflies -
Moth Verses Butterfly Symbolism
But since moving into the place where I'm now living the butterfly has caught my attention as a bit of what I like to think of as a heavenly synchromystic sign -
There is Harmony in Everything, It's a Butterfly Who Waits for the World?
The Crow Butterfly outside my kitchen window in 2017
The funny thing is I went into the tent to buy a children's book for my 26 year-old son, because a favourite comedian of his named Andrew Hanson had written a children's book and my son was interested to see what the author had written -
Comedy: The Most Addictive Thing You'll Ever Do ... and the Riskiest?
'Comedy: The Most Addictive Thing You'll Ever Do' talk at the BWF, 2018
I read the book before I gave it to my son and in the back of the book was a blurb for the next book in the series, which featured a moth:-)
I don't think I'll be reading that one though.
Looks like there's no money to be made in writing kids books;-)
Andrew Hanson and Jessica Roberts at the 2018 BWF ... ca-ching!!!
About a month later I was reading the COSMOS magazine and realized that it was about a year old and had come out in the spring of 2017, which was around the time that the butterfly had landed outside of my kitchen window -
A Butterfly That I Felt Was Worth Crowing About
Spring starts in September in Australia
One September day in 2018 I take out the COSMOS magazine from the pile of books I bought at the Byron Writers Festival and read about the glass-winged butterfly and then I read the cover story about the bad science of medical cannabis, only to pick up the local paper and see a story about doubts on cannabis pain relief (which I doubt by the way) alongside a story about painted butterflies on a wall in a new apartment building complex in the Brisbane suburb my father grew up in.
Cannabis and butterflies?!
On the front cover of the COSMOS magazine was also a competition to win your own meteorite, which got me to thinking about the time in Port Macquarie in 2016 just after my father died where I got to hold a meteorite after I saw the planet Saturn through a telescope after the rain-clouds seemingly miraculously parted for me for just long enough to get a good look at the planet -
My Observations of Time and Space in Port Macquarie
Back at the beginning of 2018 I had bought a bottle of South Australian sparkling wine with a label full of painted butterflies by the same artist that was in the paper standing next to the butterflies he had painted at West End in my hometown of Brisbane.
The reason I had picked out that particular bottle of sparking wine was because I was reading Doreen Virtue's book I had purchased around that time, which had butterflies throughout the book and on the cover.
Whatever Happened to Doreen Virtue?
The main reason I attended a book talk in November last year was to give me an excuse to check out the butterfly paintings of Bromley's and to visit his art gallery -
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit ... Hole?
West Village Brisbane
I hear people say all the time that synchronicties are a sign that you are on the right path, but what I've noticed is that synchronicities sent me down a path I never would have walked on my own.
Signs are only useful if you follow them and see where they take you.
Owl butterflies and bananas?-)
But then again, maybe the owl butterflies aren't what they seem, I mean they do seem to get high on fermented banana juice and there are rumours that bananas could be an alien hybrid fruit, right?-)
The Betty & Barney Hill Case, American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, & Technology?
I'm still chasing these butterfly synchs and it is becoming a deep and interesting rabbit hole with more posts to come in the near future.

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