" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 5, 2021

"Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga"?

I've crossed paths with Krissy Kneen at the Avid Reader Bookstore events a few times in the last few years and she has always hit me as someone who is familiar to me in my life, in that do I know you from another lifetime kind of way, but I had never really seen her in my life or in the media before I started to visit the bookstore.
It's one of those "where do I know you from before" kind of feelings that nags at my memory to unlock itself and give me the answer, but it won't.
Krisy Kneen's Wikipedia page
Krissy Kneen at the Avid Reader Bookstore
I've written posts involving Krissy on the periphery, such as -
Is All Contemporary Non/Fiction Speculative Fiction?
Krissy Kneen Writer - Teacher - Filmmaker - Artist
I remember looking up what sort of books Krissy had written and none of them appealed enough to me to want to buy and read, but this latest one is right up my ally by the sounds of it. 
And oddly enough, I haven't been listening to the 'Converstations' podcast for a few months because I was having downloading issues on my iPad with the podcast and unsubscribed out of frustration.
I only decided to give the podcast another go (it's downloading fine now) when I stumbled across Richard Fidler's book at a
Bribie Island book exchange, as I wrote about coming across in this recent post -
Graeme Simsion at the Avid Reader in 2019
Krissy Kneen second from the left
I saw Krissy when I went to the
Avid Reader 
ookshop to hear a talk by 'The Rosie Project' author Graeme Simsion and I got him to sign a book of his I had bought, and he commented that we must have the cast of the 'Bewitched' TV show here tonight, as so far he had signed books for a Darren, a Samantha and a Tabitha -
A Book of Shadows and a Candle and You're a Star?
"The daily drink at the witching hour is a running joke"?! 
The funny thing is that I have had a 'Qweekend' newspaper lift-out sitting in a pile for my future "to-do" posts featuring
Graeme Simsion in , which is over a year old now, and for the life of me I can't remember exactly what I was going to write about Graeme now in that future post.
It was probably there to remind me to get his two lasts books I bought read (which I'm still yet to do) just as much as to write the forgotten post I was going to write one day.
So consider this post it, I guess:-)
Gold Lotto ending?!
Ironically I noticed in that same 2020 lift-out an ad for the
2020 Bluesfest, which I had a Good Friday ticket for to see
Alanis Morissette, which never went ahead because of the Covid pandemic -
Bluesfest 2020: The Festival That Never Took Place?
Maybe it's time to read the book Graeme gave me on the night at the Avid Reader for being such a stand-up guy?-)
And maybe I should pick up a copy of Krissy's new book next time I'm in the Avid Reader?
The last time I was in the Avid Reader was to buy Trent Dalton's latest books (which I still haven't read yet, either:-) -


  1. ‘Cast of bewitched’ very clever. I forgot about Simsion as I only read the Rosie Project. Isn’t Adam Sharpe a movie now?

  2. I've heard that the book is planned to be made into a movie, and that Toni Collette is the one who wants it made, but don't quote me on that, as I'm not sure if I have that right.
    'The Rosie Project' has been in development for years.