" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 4, 2017

Go Take Another Hike Hemsworth!-)

I wrote about the WTF(?) newspaper story of the pressures on boys to be muscle men when the whole paper was littered with pictures of muscle man Christopher Hemsworth and articles about the red-carpet screening of his Thor: Ragnarok movie on Friday the 13th of October in this post of mine -
Orange is the New Black it Seems
But as if that wasn't funny enough, I picked up the latest Australian GQ magazine and there is a story/interview with Chris Hemsworth inside leading a hike up Mt. Warning/Wollumbin on a Friday morning in August this year, which is a mountain that I have written about before on this blog -
Does Synchromysticism Sound 'Mental' to You?
Riders on the Storm?
And in that interview in the Australian GQ magazine it is written that Chris was getting impatient when stuck in traffic trying to get through Byron Bay, because there was some kind of writers festival going on in Byron Bay.
I would have felt sorry for Chris here if I wasn't at that moment stuck on the freeway in Logan heading for that same writers festival for which I already had tickets for and I was going to be stuck there in Logan for nearly three hours and dying for a pee, but I couldn't leave my car to do so.
Watching these guys hosing down that truck
didn't help with my bladder problem at all
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
Interesting words in hindsight from
GQ magazine Chris was in
I ended up in Byron Bay at about one o'clock in the afternoon on that Friday and guess what?
I ran into a bottleneck on that stretch of road that Chris was stuck in as well, but it was nothing compared to being stuck in Logan.
More prophetic words in hindsight from that same magazine
And some real bad timing with this article in that magazine, too
I saw Thor: Ragnarok with my oldest son last Thorsday night and it was one of Chris's best movies so far, I think.
Although my son Kevin and I liked him in 'Ghostbusters' as the bumbling male secretary named Kevin, as well.
And I notice the producer of this latest Thor movie is named Kevin, also. 
This article in the magazine would
have been a hit in
Byron Bay
And on the subject of mountains, I bought some music boxes from the German Cuckoo Clock shop on my last trip to Mt. Tamborine, which apparently was one of the filming locations for the
Thor movie ... Tamborine Mountain that is, not the cuckoo clock shop.
Who? The Angel of Death?
The Mt. Tamborine cuckoo clock shop
I also bought a 'Moon River' music box from the same shop, which goes well with the Tiffany's ad in the GQ magazine, I think.
Monday October 16th, 2017
front page of the same paper
In the Monday October 16th edition of the same Queensland newspaper there was a story with Chris Hemsworth and Thor co-actor Mark Ruffalo on the red-carpet apparently hammering on about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
Oddly enough, 'The Current War' is a recent movie produced by Harvey.
And strangely enough the actor who plays Dr.Strange in 'Thor: Ragnarok' plays Thomas Edison in 'The Current War'.
There was also a story on page 3 about 11 men getting struck by lightning in Western Australia on Saturday, so I hope Thor had a good alibi on Saturday;-)
Lightning strike hits 11 men in the Northern Goldfields
Then I see 'Midnight Oil's concert at the Brisbane Riverstage was a washout according to the above news story in the paper.
I nearly bought tickets to this concert, but I procrastinated, as I'm not a big Oil's fan and by the time I decided I would go, it was sold out, which is just as well for me, because I hate being soaking wet and then having to get in my car and drive home still soaked.
I love the Riverstage as a venue when the weather is fine, but when the skies piss down on me when I've paid $120-$200 dollars for a ticket, it just pisses me off, and I start turning green and become very nasty, so I'm glad that out of having fine weather at about the last five concerts here that I skipped this one.
So, a big thank you goes out to my guardian angel here, because I would have been in a foul mood that night if I had of went.
I see that 'Dreamworld' was encore #2 on the set-list, so I hope that it was played respectfully considering that the one-year anniversary of the four tragic deaths on a Dreamworld ride was coming up on the 25th of the month?
'Our year has been filled with tears': Mum of Dreamworld victims opens up about tragedy
Surely it would have been, I hope.
I see that Tom Petty's obituary was in that same Monday paper, too, which is a little synchromystic considering Petty's song 'I Won't Back Down' is used in Chris's trailer for his upcoming movie '12 Strong'.
I've got to admit though, while looking back at my teenage self, that I'm glad not to be growing up in today's world with people like Chris Hemsworth to measure my self-worth against.
Back then I thought I looked strong, but by today's standards people might think I was suffering from anorexia;-)
Once you hit your 50s you don't care about abs anymore, you worry about the flabs.  
I even doubt if I could make it up Mt. Warning anymore without my warning signs going off in my chest.
Just to still be walking at all is a near miracle these days at my age.
But you keep on trekin' Chris, because you are a great, if not unobtainable role model for today's kids.
But I'm glad not to be growing up a teenager in today's weighty world of pop culture heroes.

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