" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 19, 2018

Abbie Cornish, Six Degrees of Sarah Wilson, the Siren Song and Signs from the Collective Unconscious?

Abbie Cornish as Sarah Wilson in the movie Geostorm
I was writing up a post about the seemingly cursed Tim Buckley song 'Song to the Siren' and how it featured in the Heath Ledger movie 'Candy', also starring Abbie Cornish as Heath's love interest in that movie.
Abbie Cornish as Sarah Wilson in Geostorm
As I'm reading Abbie's IMDB acting credits I came across the movie 'Geostorm' where she plays a character named Sarah Wilson
This struck me as bit weird, as while I had never seen the movie 'Geostorm' or even knew Abbie was in it, I had just read the book 'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful' by Sarah Wilson, who I met at the Byron Writers Festival and was discussing the significance of the Octopus on the front cover of her book with her.
Have a Gratitude Ritual?
Then I see at Abbie's IMDB page she starred in a short film called 'Octopus'.
Starring Abbie Cornish as Marcy (voice)
A scene from the short movie 'Octopus'
Brendan and Abbie (left)
A tattoo I got at Sharky's Tattoo
Byron Bay 
I thought this was a bizarre coincidence and then I remembered that Abbie was in the TV comedy series 'Life Support' years ago with fellow Sharks supporter, actor, director and author Brendan Cowell, who I met at the very first Byron Writers Festival that I went to and bought and read his novel 'How It Feels', which was about ... SPOILER ALERT ... a suicidal guy who swims out into the sea to try and drown himself.
Me waiting in line to get the
book signed by
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 1)
The August (Leo) Eclipse and Deeper Down the Dragonhole in the Game of Thrones
Brendan, Rose and baby?
Brendan was once the partner of Rose Byrne and she played the love interest of Heath Ledger in the movie 'Two Hands'.
So, when it comes to playing 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon', who needs Kevin while Brendan's around?-)
I calculated Brendan's Bacon number and found out Keifer Sutherland is the connecting link between himself and Kevin Bacon.
Which is kind of ironic, since Brendan, like me, is a mad Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks supporter. 
It certainly is a small and connected world it seems, well that's  
to me:-)
And did you have to post this Instagram on my birthday, Abbie?-)

UPDATE: 2018


  1. I recommend watching "Geostorm". Not a great movie, but some of the weird stuff that's been happening lately seems to sync to it. I'm sure you'll find it very sync-worthy.

  2. I don't feel compelled to watch it anytime soon, as I have a heap of movies already on my "to watch" list, but if the universe blows 'Geostorm' my way I''ll watch it.
    I'm actually interested in watching Whitley Strieber's extreme weather movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' again for some unknown reason.
    I saw it when it first came out at the drive-in with my then wife and kids in the winter time and remember sitting on folding chairs outside of the car and watching it.
    The kids were rugged up, but I wasn't and I was cold while watching it, which was like watching the movie in sense-around in a way.
    I didn't pay that much attention to the movie at the time, as when I'm sitting outside under the stars I like to look out at the stars in awe of the universe I'm living in.
    I don't think I knew Strieber co-wrote it at the time I saw it and lately Striber's work has been on my radar.
    Plus Jake Gyllenhaal is in it and while I'm not a fan of 'Brokeback Mountain', he was in it with Heath Ledger and I wouldn't mind checking out some Gyllenhaal movies I'm yet to see.