" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 10, 2018

Alchemy and the Indwelling Spirit?

While reading the book about Carl Jung (pictured above), I read about Jung's fascination with alchemy, something I've never really looked into or understood, as I always thought of alchemists as nut-bags who wasted their lives trying to actually turn lead into gold.
A bit like those "flat-earthers" wasting their time trying to convince themselves that the earth isn't round:-)
But it was the image of the king and queen that caught my eye in the book about Jung, because I have a framed print of a similar image that I have been sleeping under every night since I bought my new home.
I framed the print of the album cover of 'It's Not Night It's Space''s album 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon' in the wooden frame years ago when I got it as a reward from a Kick-starter project of the band's that I helped to fund.
It's Not Night: It's Space - 9 Days Left!
My CDs from my Kickstarter donation
to get 
INNIS into the music game
INNIS: East of the Sun & West of the Moon
I'd recently seen the image on Noah Lampet's 'Synchronicitywebsite logo, but I never really knew what it meant or stood for.
After reading my Jung book and doing some net searches and coming across Anne Baring's You Tubes about the alchemical marriage, I found it quite amusing that a divorced guy like me sleeps under a dead king and queen in a double bed every night by myself:-)
So maybe the 'INNIS' album cover represents the alchemical divorce?
Ironically, as I was putting this post together and learning about the alchemical marriage from listening to Anne Baring's talks I saw the news about the inspiration behind the Buddy Holly song passing away, and that inspired me to write this post linked below about the movie 'Peggy Sue Got Married' -
October 1st, 2018 Peggy Sue Passed Away?
Kind of thought it was amusing the real Peggy Sue passed away in Lubbock (lovelock?).
Lubbock (lovelock?)
So, while I never want to be married again in this lifetime, maybe I do have some work to do to repair my alchemical marriage?-)
"Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed.

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