" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 28, 2018

First Man?

I saw the movie 'First Man' at the cinema on Friday, only because I popped into the cinema randomly to see what I could watch at that time of day to escape the heat and cool down after walking through the Brisbane City CBD in 36-degree heat (that's Celsius to you American readers out there, or 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit in your language).
I thought the release date of the movie turned out rather synchromystic considering this news story happening the same week that the movie came out.
Not that I think NASA ever got a man through the Van Allen radiation belt to walk on the moon, but hey, maybe one day they might.
"Spaceflight is hard. And we must keep trying for the benefit of humankind."
Maybe I've just read one too many really thought provoking books about the Apollo missions, seen a few too many really thought provoking videos about Apollo and wondered why a mostly honest man like Armstrong (apart from the fact he probably had to keep a national security secret like not actually walking on the moon) wouldn't take that sucker's money who offered him $5000 to go to his favourite charity, to swear on the Bible that he had actually walked on the moon?
I know that if I was a believer of the Good Book like Armstrong was, I would have done it just to take that smug reporter's money.
Of course, if I was trying to keep a national secret and did believe in the Good Book I would probably be caught between a rock and a hard place and avoid that bet at all costs.
But that's just me I suppose.
And why didn't those pesky Ruskies ever go up there to rip that flag out, or take a piss on it?
OK, pissing on it would probably be as dumb as flying through a radiation belt that would fry you alive like a dog;-)  
"Lakia's true cause of death was not made public until October 2002; officials previously gave reports that she died when the oxygen supply ran out.
At a Moscow press conference in 1998 Oleg Gazenko, a senior Soviet scientist involved in the project, stated "The more time passes, the more I'm sorry about it.
We did not learn enough from the mission to justify the death of the dog..."
She died between five and seven hours into the flight from stress and overheating."
It was not a bad movie Damien, but it's hard to make a good moon picture these days now Kubrick is gone;-)
No use giving yourself a heart-attack over making a movie Damien, right?-)
Ah ... maybe I'm just imagining dragons when it comes to Apollo 11, 12, 13 ...?
Nearly up to 237 dislikes I noticed;-)
A least the cinema seat I saw 'First Man'
in gave it a spacey 2001 feel
preferred 'La La Land #1' to 'La La Land #2' to tell the truth Damien, but what can you do with a script like that one I guess?-)
I liked the new 'Halloween' I saw the night before a lot better.
Trick or treat?-)


  1. You know what they say of the Americans, that they lost Vietnam but then made Rambo and won it in fiction, so it's OK?

    Well, I think they went to the Moon in reality but then the Russians made them not do it in fiction, so it's OK for the Russians. They can send somebody to piss on that flag in their own sweet time.

    As for Armstrong not swearing on the Bible, well, I can imagine a number of reasons for that. There is, after all, a commandment about not taking God's name in vain. Swearing on the Bible about something that had the whole world as a witness sounds a little bit like taking God's name in vain to me.

  2. Well, the way I see it, if the Russians ever do get to the moon, there will be no flag there to piss on.
    Do you see the Mars Rovers planting a flag in the dust of Mars?
    I can't wait to see how these privately owned space flights to the moon will go when they find out just how hard it is not to get humans from being fried going through the VA belt.
    Let's see how the Chinese go at getting humans to the moon, as well.
    Fun times ahead it seems.
    As for Armstrong and the Bible, I think he would have had no problem swearing on the Bible if he walked on the moon, just to get BS (Bart Sibrel) off his and NASA's backs.

  3. Why would a coupla hours travel thru van Allen belts be so harmful? They are trapped energetic particles, not even x-rays. Apollo flights avoided the inner belt & travelled through thinner areas of the outer belt. A polar trajectory avoiding belts was considered but thought to be overly difficult. More radiation absorbed was solar radiation during the flight but total levels were not huge.
    Are you aware the inner belt has lowered to ISS orbit on occasion? No biggie. As for the bible-swearing stunt; just try that on a Vietnam vet, or Afghan vet, let me know how it went once you're outa hospital.
    Since you believe US, Japanese & Chinese photos of Apollo landing sites are fake, & Russia, UK , Aus, Germany etc colluded to pretend Apollo went to the moon why do you waste yr time with mere coincidence when our worldview is so fake. !!.11 aint a big deal in comparison to no cold war, deceitful cooperation between nations to promote Kubrick's lousiest movie as a great US achievement & all the other stuff you gotta believe to maintain Apollo as hoax.
    Does Rolf Harris' "Tie me kangaroo down, mate" evidence Australia really is downunder where things fall off a globe earth? Seems right...

  4. To me Moray the Bible is just a heap of man-made myths and half truths collected in one big book edited time and time again to suit the whims of ruling powers that be.
    And why would I try getting a vet to swear on the Bible anyway?
    What's that got to do with going to the moon?
    I'm not here to argue my case about why I feel no man has stepped on the moon yet, I'm just letting you know my opinion about the moon landings in relation to the movie 'First Man'.
    Consider me a tin-foil hat wearing nut-bag for all I care, as I get where you are coming from with your disbelief on my view.
    But really I couldn't give a f#ck what you think about my sanity Moray.
    Happy trails.

  5. Hi Darren, thanks for posting the Bible clip - It wasn't the one I was thinking about but this is a great one to!

    I thought of the whole 'The Shinning' moon theory for my blog post also on this subject but didn't use it - I see you did use that Apollo jumper pic! I remember how mind-blown I was when I first came across the theory. Now I'm not so sure (as I said my views keep changing on the subject).

    ...But do you see my point of making such a monumental story into a movie yet turning it into something so darn depressing? Is there a clue in there... I'm not sure Armstrong's 'attitude and behaviour' was purely down to the deaths. DO you?

  6. My belief is that Armstrong and the other astronauts actually signed on to go to the moon, but NASA underestimated how deadly the radiation belt was.
    The Russians had already found out they had big problems trying to get a living creature to the moon when they fried their dog up in November 3rd, 1957, telling their people (for security reasons) that the dog just ran out of air (they didn't come clean about this until the Americans stopped "sending men to the moon").
    The Yanks realized too late in the piece how deadly it wold be to send men to the moon, so in a big head scratcher for the Russians the Americans faked it until they could make it.
    The only trouble is they still haven't been able to make it with what they have.
    Yeah, they can send robots like the Mars Rovers and what not, but manned flight still alludes them.
    The space shuttle missions I think were more about seeing just how far out they could get before things got too uncomfortable, which was what triggered
    that reporter who tried to get Armstrong to swear on the Bible.
    He saw a news item about the space shuttle crew finding radiation was getting through their helmets and wondered how the Apollo crews got through the deeper and deadlier levels.
    If you have ever seen the movie 'Capricorn One' that came out in 1977, that to me seems pretty much the scenario for Apollo 11 and then the rest of the Apollo missions.
    The men were blasted off into low earth orbit to circle the earth for a few days and the public were made to believe these guys went to the moon and back (to try and convince the Russians they cracked the secret of not frying the cargo alive).
    As for Kubrick making 'The Shining', he just gutted what was King's best selling novel at the time and turned it into his own story version for a vehicle to tell his own hidden story for those with "eyes to see".
    Why do you think he wanted EWS released specifically on July 16th (the day Apollo took off "for the moon")
    And why would big names come together when the shit was hitting the fan just after Kubrick died to make a shits & giggles mockumentry called 'Dark Side of the Moon' Starring Buzz Aldrin, Christiane Kubrick, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Vernon Walters, etc?

    It's called damage control, because the tin-foil hatters were starting to look a little too sane when it was coming to the truth about Apollo, I think.
    The same guy who tried to get Armstrong to swear on the Bible came extremely close to getting Buzz to confess on film that he was just following orders by keeping the moon story going.
    I get why the cover up was made and it's no big deal to me.
    It's not like the lie was an evil one like telling people you have to bomb the crap out of a country that clearly has weapons of mass destruction ... but ... oops, it didn't and now what'll we do with all this oil this country has?-)
    Watch Oliver Stone's movie 'W', because Stone did a Kubrick by telling you why they did bomb the crap out of that country and just what the long term plan is/was for that region.
    'W' wasn't really about the man, more "the plan".
    There is a lot more to worry about than if a man really did walk on the moon or not I think.
    But I've got more tin-foil hats to make, so I'll end my comment here.

  7. But...but..but.... don't wanna drag out this argy-bargy but do wanna say that i love yr posts & only responded because you linked to a daft apollo hoax video that i think drags down ALL other vid links (Mike Clelland for just one example). What's wrong with a little science & logic - i mean you know Laika overheated without going near the van Allen belts, so... satellites that do orbit in the belts absorb about 5 times a human-deadly dose during a year but our smartphones would probably fry in a coupla hours passage (unlike astronauts); I brought up vets cos i wonder just how you really expect Armstrong etc to respond to punksters waving bibles - i see nothing guilty or unexpected in his response. Nuff said? No, I'm a kiwi & we've joined the small group of satellite launching nations so stick that in yr Pine Gap awrite mate? Cheers

  8. Hey Moray, what's with all your insulting comments directed my way?
    I was never into Rolf Harris, I'm not a flat-Earther and Pine Gap isn't ours anyway, it's a joint venture between us and the Americans (CIA), which means they tell us (or don't tell us really) what they are going to do at that site.
    And what the f#ck has Mike Clelland got to do with this post?
    You like him/hate him?
    I couldn't give a toss what you think of Mike Clelland to be honest or anyone else or thing I write about on this blog.
    My comments thread on this blog isn't here to be used for random dickheads to give me their thumbs up or down like half of those f#ckwits that have to throw their 2 cents worth in on every You Tube comment section on the internet.
    I never started this blog for the general public to tell me what they think of my bat-s#it crazy or brilliant posts.
    It was started to keep in touch with other like minded sync-heads who ran similar blogs.
    I don't mind who reads my blog, but I do care who comments on my blog, which is why comments are screened first and no gutless "Anonymous" comments are accepted.
    And by the way Moray, who are you anyway, apart from some mouthy Kiwi?
    What blog of wisdom teachings do you write to educate dumb Aussie pricks like me?
    Anymore "argy-bargy" comments from you Moray will be marked as SPAM.
    I'm sure there are plenty more Morays out there wanting to give me their 2 cents worth, but just save your money, as I don't want it.
    I value my time more than your money, so just save it Moray.