" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 11, 2018


Why Aren’t There Female Magicians?
Magick: Where to Start – A Podcast Introduction to Magick
I like the subject of magic and found Jason Louv's podcast in the link above really worth a listen and I agree with most of what he says, especially about the ego of self professed "magic(k)ians".
To me every living human being is a magician to some degree, so when some guy (and it always seems to be a guy) tells me that they are a magician my eyes want to automatically go into roll mode and I feel like saying to them, "would you like me to pick a card then?" 
Freud would probably tell you that most wankers need a wand to play with.
Which is pretty much the reason you don't get many females telling you that they are magicians I think.
While the following mainly applies to stage magicians, it does seem to translate into the world of the magick magicians as well I feel - 
"Around five percent of all magicians are females writes Ashley Fetters.
She explored some theories as to why so few choose to take up the trade:
Magicians normally get their start early as young kids with a magic kit as a present.

Boys are more likely to get this as a gift than girls.
Magic is essentially a puzzle and like math and science seems to attract more boys than girls.
Male clothing – with its more baggy jackets and large pockets – is better suited for
the art of deception.
Women also have smaller hands, on average, than men – and large hands are useful for obscuring the audience’s gaze from, say, a deck of cards.
Magic unlike other forms of entertainment is best viewed in a live setting.
Until relatively recently it was expected for women to stay at home and constant travel wasn’t a realistic option.
Read more about the role that the inquisition played, what women would likely appreciate about magician’s conferences, and some of the more notable female magicians over here.

Anyway, my cynicism about people who practice magick, as opposed to stage magic, calling themselves magicians aside, I thought Jason's talk about magick being a vehicle to get you from A to B was a good analogy of just how magickal being born into a human body is.
Jung, the Kingfisher, #2 and Philemon?
Life is the greatest magical stage show you can take part in and if you pay attention to it you won't need any magician to explain it all to you.
In fact most so called "magicians" just want to impress you with their deceptive self inflating stage tricks and slight of hand, which for the most part is in their pants, while they tell you all about their magic tricks.
I'm not having a go at Jason and his magick course, because I know nothing about it.
It might be really good for all I (don't) know, especially after listening to his intro talk.
It's not something I feel compelled to sign up for, but hey, if it sounds interesting to you, go for it I say.
It's just like some people don't trust or fear clowns, well that's kind of the way I feel with people who say they are magicians.
I mean who in their right mind would trust someone who hides things from you and tries their best to deceive you into thinking that they know real magic?-)
Sometimes it's not just the emperor who is wearing no clothes while playing with his wand;-)
Gea Philes on Standing Outside Reality & Bringing the Otherworldly to Art ... No Bull?
My advice when it comes to most magicians holding a wand is to watch what their other hand is doing, if you get my drift;-)
Very good intro talk by Jason though and two thumbs up from me ... just so you can see both of my hands at once really, while I give you my rating:-)

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