" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 21, 2018

Man Killed by Lightning Near Dubbo the Same Week the Royal's Visit Brings Rain?

Rothschild's giraffe?
The rhino in the room?
The Mysterious Universe
 of Number 11?
I've never been to Dubbo, but I know it is perhaps most famous because of its Taronga Western Plains Zoo, formerly known as (and still commonly referred to as) Western Plains Zoo and commonly known as Dubbo Zoo.
The Dubbo Zoo is famous for its rhinos.
Last year a baby black rhino was born on Halloween and made its social media debut on November 21, when Taronga Western Plains Zoo posted a sweet video of the unnamed male rhino calf playing alongside its parents (which is not the baby white rhino from the same zoo in the above You Tube video).
Born to mother Bakhita and father Kwanzaa on October 31, the baby was the second calf born at the zoo in 2017.
A black rhino born on Halloween makes me think of the storm rhino out of the movie/book 'James and the Giant Peach' for some reason.
James and the Giant Peach Syncs
Looking at that old 2013 post of mine again in hindsight was rather ironic since my football team the Sharks would win their first ever NRL grand final against the Melbourne Storm in 2016.

Death and legacy

My own father would also pass away in 2016 and on the 100th year anniversary of Roald Dahl's birthday on September 13th.
Life is full of dark ironies it would seem:-)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's visit to Dubbo marked by hugs and torrential rain
But last night I saw on the news that a man was hit and killed by lightning just outside the town of Dubbo.
And wild storms held up the opening of the Invictus Games in Sydney that Prince Harry was there to open.
Invictus Games opening ceremony takes over Sydney Harbour after storm delay
Earlier in the day the annual Wambuul Dreaming River Festival in Dubbo was cancelled amidst the severe thunderstorms.
An organiser with the annual festival told ABC that the festival was postponed for the year due to "real concerns" about the high amount of lightning strikes hitting the area.
Strangely enough the movie playing last night at the Dubbo drive-in was 'Jaws' and scheduled for the October 21st screening is 'Back to the Future'.
Queensland's Jaws 2?
We're gonna need a bigger boat?-)
Prince Harry and Cronulla Sharks Fan
 Prime-minister Scott Morrison
On the Sydney Harbour Bridge
WALK Oct. 19th, 2018;-)
October 21st is also the 4-year anniversary of the passing of Gough Whitlam oddly enough, lest we forget;-)
The Mysterious Universe of Number 11?
Life certainly is one strange deal and you never know what cards you will get played in life it seems:-)
Especially when the chips are down.

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