" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 27, 2018

Another Elephant in the Room and Baby in the Womb?

Not that I see anything FOURboding about this post for either arrival, just synchronistic really in a Dumbo kind of way.
What Does It Mean When You
Angel Number 222?
I was checking my daily blogger stats and saw that my Dumbo/Dubbo post had 222 hits for the day, which seemed a rather big serge all of a sudden for that post and 222 is one of those numbers that grab my attention not to mention white feathers, thanks to my English blogger mate Mike Perry and his white feather blog, so I took a screen shot of my stats.
I thought it was neat that my Dumbo/Dubbo post had 222 hits but didn't think TWO much more about it until a few minutes later when I decided to check my current stats and found someone had been reading my old 2:22 post and it wasn't me either, by the way.
2:22 on 2/22?
Then I thought, hang on, didn't I see a news item the other day that said the star of the 2:22 movie was pregnant again?
"Teresa Palmer is pregnant!
The Hacksaw Ridge actress and husband Mark Webber are expecting their third child together, she shared on Instagram over the weekend.
In the stunning photograph posted by Palmer, 32, she is cradling her baby bump on the beach, with a gorgeous sunset over the ocean in the background.

Webber — who shares sons Forest Sage, 22 months, and Bodhi Rain, 4½, with Palmer and is also dad to a 10-year-old son named Isaac — further divulged that the baby on the way would be the couple’s first daughter.
“Can’t wait to meet my girl … ” he wrote on Instagram, sharing a black-and-white snapshot of Palmer on the beach and three kids playing in the waves behind her.

So, this baby will be Palmer's and Webber's 4th child pretty much.
2019 is the 'Year of the Pig';-)
Well, all I can say is congratulations to everyone expecting a baby by the time 'Dumbo' is flying on the cinema screens of the world.
I guess everything is connected in more ways than one way on the world wide web?-)
Cuddles in Dubbo for the Royals?-)

UPDATE: 2018

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